Garden Favorites

  • close up of pink tricolor beech foliage

    Nicki’s Foliage Favorites

    Today’s photos are from Nicki Snoblin in Lake Bluff, Illinois. We’ve visited their garden before (Nicki's New Garden Project and Fall in Nicki's Garden ) and today Nicki is sharing…

  • close up of bright purple and orange flowers

    Gail’s Favorite’s From Last Year

    We visited Gail’s beautiful North Carolina garden yesterday, and today we’re back to see some of her favorite pictures from the past year: I live at 3300 feet in the…

  • herbs and vegetables arranged into circle design

    Favorites from Anita’s Garden

    We’re in Yorkville, Illinois, visiting with Anita Drendel again. We saw some photos of her garden in the GPOD recently, and she’s back to share more of her favorites from…