front yard gardens

  • waterfall Japanese maple and surrounding garden in fall

    More in Sally’s Maryland Garden

    We’re back today in Phoenix, Maryland, visiting with Sally Barker. She’s shared her garden with us on the GPOD in the past (Sally's Garden in Maryland, Up Front , Sally's…

  • garden bed along the front of a house with pink and orange flowers in blooms

    July in Tingshu’s Front Garden

    We’re in Massachusetts today, visiting Tingshu Hu’s garden. Tingshu has been sharing scenes from her garden at different times of the year. Today we’ve moved into July and are looking…

  • pink roses in the garden

    Terry’s California Garden

    We’re in Northridge, California today, visiting with Terry Sanders: I live and garden in a very ordinary suburban neighborhood. This is a photo of part of my front yard with…

  • Design

    Darlene’s Healing Garden

    My name is Darlene O'Neil. I live in a small village in Moravia, New York. I had volunteered and donated my time with the VFW Auxiliary for years. This kept…

  • plants for lawnless front yard

    An Alluring Design for a Lawnless Front-Yard Garden: Plant IDs

    In An Alluring Design for a Lawnless Front-Yard Garden, Stacie Crooks writes, "The key to creating a low-maintenance yet visually appealing garden lies in careful planning and thoughtful design choices.…

  • Reimagining Curb Appeal Garden Tour

    Tour a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Front-Yard Garden

    Lou and Dell Salza’s front yard in Shaker Heights, Ohio, is living proof that a garden can be both beautiful and ecologically functional. Making the most of a modestly sized…

  • bright red tulips and pink phlox planted at the edge of a retaining wall

    Sue’s Front Garden

    Today we’re checking in with Sue in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where spring has arrived. It is just the beginning of all the blooms, but after the cold and gray and brown…

  • various pink, white, and yellow flowers in the garden

    Looking Back at an Old Garden

    Today Joe is sharing his former garden with us. This was the garden I made over a decade ago at the first house I ever owned, in central Michigan. This…

  • potted pink and white mums in the garden

    October in Alice’s Garden

    Today we’re paying another visit to Alice from Sweaburg in southwestern Ontario. After quite a time of not being able to do much in the garden, things are looking up…

  • front steps with plants on all sides and a container of colorful annual flowers

    September in Alice’s Garden

    Today we’re in Sweaburg, Ontario, visiting with Alice Fleurkens. We’ve been to her beautiful garden a couple times before (see Alice’s Front Garden in Canada), and it is always a…