front yard gardening

  • front yard garden with birght red flowers growing in containers

    Paula’s Front Garden in Ottawa

    We’re visiting Paula Brown’s beautiful garden today. My garden, in Ottawa, Ontario, is under a lot of snow right now, so I decided to talk about the creative wreaths that…

  • close up of succulents and ground covers planted in front yard

    Kathy’s Garden Design for Her Daughter

    Kathy Sandel has shared her gardens with us before (More of Kathy's Calabasas Garden, Kathy's Garden Transformation in Sacramento), but today she’s sharing the garden she created for her daughter…

  • lawnless front yard

    An Alluring Design for a Lawnless Front-Yard Garden

    Is there a gardener anywhere who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful space designed specifically to keep maintenance requirements realistic and manageable? I recently designed such a landscape for a client who…

  • new front garden bed after new pollinator-friendly plantings

    Nicki’s New Garden Project

    Today we’re in Lake Bluff, Illinois, visiting Nicki Snoblin’s garden. This year I decided to dig up about a third of my front yard to make a place for sun-loving,…

  • various shrubs in the garden bed

    Alice’s Ontario Garden

    We’re in Sweaburg, Ontario, visiting with Alice Fleurkens. We’ve been to her garden before (Alice's Front Garden in Canada) so check out the earlier posts if you want to see…

  • entryway containers

    Designs for Entryway Containers

    You can’t take back a first impression, and the entryway is the first glimpse a visitor has of your home. Container gardens, when used properly, are an easy way to…

  • front yard garden with shrubs and pink flowers

    Sharon’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today’s photos are from Sharon Danovich Lupone. She gardens in Pittsburgh but loves the style of gardens from farther south. Since 2008, we have worked diligently to bring our yard…

  • front yard garden in spring

    Alice’s Front Garden in Canada

    Today Alice Fleurkens is sharing her Sweaburg, Ontario, garden with us. We’ve visited Alice’s garden before, so if you’d like to see more, check out these posts: Good Friends Make…

  • garden cart full of plants

    Cathy’s Front Garden Cart

    Today we’re off to Yorktown, Virginia, where Cathy Thacker is sharing a flowery display in her front yard. This white garden cart is located in the front yard of my…

  • Article

    Gardening the Front Yard

    I’m Michelle Gerner, and I garden on a small city lot in St. Paul, Minnesota (Zone 4b/5a). In 2010 I decided to get rid of the grass in half of…