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  • deer-resistant plants for northeast

    Plants That the Herbivores Will Avoid in the Northeast

    Fionuala Campion says in her article, Dazzling Deer-Resistant Perennials, "Though very graceful and delightful to behold in their native habitat, deer are a voracious force to reckon with in many…

  • Design

    Some Plants Worth Growing

    Today’s photos come from Hugh Locke in Shrub Oak, New York. A rock and gravel mulch makes an effective backdrop for a few well-chosen plants. The fragrant white trumpet-shape bloom…

  • Design

    Florida Garden Heritage in New England

    Welcome to Nancy Henry’s garden! I’m excited to share my garden with you. I live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and have owned this home for only three years. My largest garden…

  • Design

    Garden Perfection, 40+ Years in the Making: Part 2

    We’re back for day 2 of Elaine’s spectacular garden. Creating this garden from an empty 1-acre lot has been a project more than 40 years in the making, and the…

  • Article

    Mountain Top Magic

    My name is Myrna Mahon. I live on a mountain top at approximately 4700 feet elevation in Cullowhee, North Carolina. I have been gardening for about 20 years but only…

  • Design

    A Cottage Garden in Connecticut

    Greetings from Darien, Connecticut. My name is Andrea Huntington, and I've enjoyed working on my cottage gardens at my 1780s home. This little garden includes foxglove (Digitalis purpurea, Zones 4–9),…

  • Design

    Romantic Fairytale Garden

    Nancy DeBellas's garden looks like pages out of a fairytale book.