Foliage Plants

  • close up of light pink Martagon lilies

    GPOD on the Road: Vancouver Hardy-Plant Study Weekend

    Back in June, friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong attended the Vancouver Hardy Plant Study Weekend and was kind enough to share photos of some of the gardens she toured.…

  • swag of dried flowers hanging over foliage plants

    Fall in the Fern Fairway

    Cherry Ong’s beautiful little side garden that she calls the Fern Fairway is always a little jewel box of perfect plants and wonderful combinations. Recently (The Fern Fairway in Summer)…

  • shade garden with lots of foliage plants and pink flowers

    Spring Versus Summer in Dale’s Garden

    We’re visiting with Dale Dailey today. Our garden is well established and located in central Michigan near Lansing. It has been featured in the GPOD in the past (Dale's Garden…

  • Design

    Sue’s Favorite Foliage Plants

    Hi from Sue Webel in North Canton, Conneticut (Zone 6a). Recently you asked for us to share some of our favorite foliage plants. Creating interesting foliage vignettes has always been…

  • design a garden oasis

    How to Design a Serene and Immersive Garden Oasis

    I was painfully shy as a child, often taking refuge in the forested greenbelt adjacent to our suburban backyard. It was the early 1970s, before children were kept on a…

  • foliage plants

    9 Foliage Plants You Can’t Live Without

    When you rely on foliage over flowers, a plant rarely experiences a “down period.” The following are all plants that play an important role in my garden’s composition. See how…

  • tips for growing heucheras

    Tips and Tricks for Growing Heucheras Successfully

    Heucheras are somewhere in between plant-them-and-forget-them perennials and high-maintenance divas. At home in garden beds and superstars in containers, they will reward you handsomely when given proper conditions and care.…

  • new heucheras

    Expert-Tested New Heucheras That Are Better Than the Classics

    Who remembers when ‘Palace Purple’ was one of the hottest perennials in the market? It was the heuchera I planted in my new garden 30 years ago. I liked its…

  • garden full of lush foliage and purple flowers

    A Year in Peggy’s Garden

    Today we’re off to Gig Harbor, Washington, where Peggy Fox is escaping the winter blues by looking back at some favorite photos from last year in her garden. Spring foliage…

  • Design

    The Fern Fairway in Summer

    Cherry Ong, a frequent GPOD contributor from Richmond, British Columbia, has a narrow side yard in her garden that she calls the Fern Fairway. She always makes the most of…