Foliage Plants

  • Episode 126: Winter Stunners

    Episode 126: Winter Stunners

    The winter blues have certainly set in around here. But thankfully we have a few plants outside that seem to have saved their best for last. Today Carol and Danielle…

  • close up of climbing hydrangea with white flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Toronto Garden Tour

    We’re traveling with Cherry Ong today, looking back on a garden tour she went on this past spring while visiting Toronto. The garden is a shady woodland garden dominated by…

  • view of the water fountain and statues in the japanese-style garden

    Dale’s Japanese Garden

    Today we're visiting a part of Dale Dailey's garden. In 2010, I decided to transform a quiet area in our large garden into a more contemplative space. In the spring,…

  • summer container plants

    Exciting Container Plants for Summer

    I’m particularly fond of big, gaudy plants, but I like teeny tiny ones too. Large-leaved tropical plants really take the heat and can do wonders for planters around pool decks…

  • stone walkway leading through a garden get and surrounded by foliage plants

    An Artist’s Garden

    Today's photos are from Dede Lifgren. Welcome to my garden in Brewster, New York (Zone 6a). I am an artist and garden lover. Much of my artwork centers around my…

  • container with various green foliage plants

    Designing Containers With Plants From My Boston Garden

    Nancy Kressin designs containers in Boston and is sharing some of them with us today. I first learned the term “shopping in my garden” from the writer and podcast host…

  • round metal garden arch surrounded by plants

    Phillip’s Missouri Garden

    Today we’re visiting Philip Mueller's beautiful garden in a suburb of St. Louis. The lush borders are packed with plants. In the foreground here, a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zones…

  • mini garden that has a mini stone house as a focal point

    Making Miniature Garden Worlds

    I’m Serome Hamlin, and I’ve been gardening at my Zone 7b/8a Virginia home for over 20 years. I consider myself a plant nerd and have started making miniature gardens I…

  • foliage sedums

    Sedums With Far-Out Foliage

    It’s no secret that the leaves of sedums are a big draw for gardeners. Their foliage is bursting with a broad spectrum of color options. If you are looking for…

  • trees with colorful fall foliagetrees with colorful fall foliage

    Plant These Trees for the Best Fall Color

    Having grown up in New England, and living there now, I consider myself pretty spoiled in fall. After all, tourists literally flock to my section of North America every autumn…