Flowering Shrubs

  • native viburnum

    The Best Native Viburnums for the Northern Plains

    The great plantsman Michael Dirr once said, "A garden without a viburnum is akin to life without music and art.” Viburnums (Viburnum spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) are a large…

  • how to grow tree peonies

    How to Grow Tree Peonies in the Northeast

    We gardeners in the Northeast are notorious for complaining about the weather, particularly about our cold, snowy winters and what often seems like too-short, too-hot summers, yet this four-season climate…

  • Galactic Pink chaste tree

    Galactic Pink® Chaste Tree Delivers an Out-of-This-World Performance

    It is not often I am smitten by a new shrub its first year in the garden, but when Galactic Pink® chaste tree bloomed for the first time, it was…

  • red flowers in front of a tress with lots of pink flowers

    Growing Back After a Tornado

    Today Amy is sharing how her garden has recovered after tornado damage a couple years ago. Last year (Historical Camellia Garden in Virginia) I submitted photos of my historical camellia…

  • view of garden from back slope

    A Banner Year for Hydrangeas

    Today we’re in Elie Gilbert’s garden. I’ve been gardening for at least 70 years, but I’ve never seen a year like this for hydrangeas. Here in my Plymouth, Massachusetts, garden,…

  • Wine and Roses wiegela

    Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Garden

    Today’s photos are from Angela Jobe. I’ve got my 200th issue of Fine Gardening in front of me, looking at Garden Photo of the Day. I don’t know why I’ve…

  • Chardonnay Pearls slender deutzia

    Shrubs That Bloom in Late Spring and Early Summer

    We incorporate shrubs, both deciduous and evergreen, for a wide range of purposes. Perhaps we’re providing scale along the foundation of a structure, creating separation, or establishing privacy. While shrubs…

  • large pink rose bloom

    Blooms from Northern Germany

    Today we’re headed off to Angeln in northern Germany! Tracy Asmussen is sharing some shots of a beautiful home garden while eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer. I love how…

  • Diane witch hazel

    Witch Hazels for the Northeast

    In the Northeast, there is hardly a more valuable garden plant than one that blooms in the winter. Add that coveted trait to a plant that is relatively pest-free, has…

  • Charity mahonia

    Winter-Blooming Shrubs for the Northwest

    December brings some of the darkest and shortest days of the year. During this time, I often find myself trying to get out for a walk to enjoy the short-lived…