Flower garden

  • path leading to patio and arbor covering in climbing rose

    Roses, Despite Fire and Clay

    Today we’re in Redding, California, visiting with Carol Cowee. Here's how it started—bare ground that would become the new rose garden. The soil was compacted, horrible red, rocky dirt. It…

  • close up of Prickly pear cactus with bright yellow flowers

    Marty’s Minnesota Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Marty Whalen. I live in the countryside of northern Minnesota on 8 acres of beautiful soil that was once cattle pasture. Not a rock in sight.…

  • pink roses in the garden

    Terry’s California Garden

    We’re in Northridge, California today, visiting with Terry Sanders: I live and garden in a very ordinary suburban neighborhood. This is a photo of part of my front yard with…

  • close up of dense garden bed with yellow and pink flowers

    Revisiting Marina’s Garden

    We’re in Beeton, Ontario, today, visiting Marina. We’ve been to her beautiful garden before (Marina's Garden in Beeton, Ontario) when it was just a few years old, and we’re back…

  • close up of light blue morning glory flowers

    Connie’s New Garden

    Today’s photos are from Connie Raines. My garden is in Griffin, Georgia, one hour outside of Atlanta. Many of my plants were relocated from my garden in Decatur, which is…

  • close up of container plants on front yard garden path

    Paula’s Ottawa Garden

    Today we’re visiting Paula Brown's beautiful garden in Ottawa, Ontario. I love my plants, and they love me. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, and more plants…

  • close up of garden bed with bright pink, yellow and purple flowers

    From Ivy to Flowers

    Today we’re in Springfield, Ohio, visiting with Bryan Bailey. I bought a new house five years ago, and all the garden beds were covered in 20-year-old ivy (Hedera helix, Zones…

  • clematis plant covered in light purple flowers

    Flowers From Jennifer’s Garden

    My name is Jennifer Dixon. I live in New Brunswick in eastern Canada (Zone 4). I have been gardening on and off for five years now and really enjoy seeing…

  • close up of bright yellow zinnia with a little red in the center

    Gardening on Grandma’s Farm

    My name is Elizabeth. I am 24 years old and live in Pennsylvania. My grandma is my best friend and has over 10 acres of farm land. On her farm…

  • close up of light pink and white Rosellas Dream lily

    Lily Love

    Today’s photos are from Mary Murphy in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We’ve visited her garden before (More Blooms From Mary), and today she’s focusing on her lily collection. Here are some photos…