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    Episode 153: Compact Plants for Tight Spaces

    Every gardener wishes they had 25 acres to garden on, right? Well, maybe not, but most of us do dream of a healthy amount of ground to build beds and…

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    Episode 152: Best of LAAP—Best of Our Listener Q & As

    One of our favorite things to do here on the podcast is dig through emails and social media shout-outs from our listeners. It is always nice to hear about what…

  • underappreciated winter plants

    Episode 151: Underappreciated Plants for Winter Interest

    During the winter months many plants reveal subtle patterns, fine details, and a new range of colors that help us to see familiar beds and borders with fresh eyes. This…

  • LAAP Episode 150: Design Rules of Thumb with Stacie Crooks

    Episode 150: Design Rules of Thumb with Stacie Crooks

    Stacie Crooks is a Seattle-based garden designer who has created beautiful, ecologically friendly, low-maintenance gardens throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is also a contributing editor for Fine Gardening magazine and…

  • Episode 147: Great Native Grasses

    Episode 147: Great Native Grasses

    If you like the beauty and impact that ornamental grasses bring to a garden design, you will love the many shapes, forms, and colors that North American native species offer.…

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    Episode 146: Best of LAAP—Our Top 4 Plants

    While searching through our archive of episodes recently, we discovered something: There are a few specific plants we just can’t stop talking about. As the years have progressed here at…

  • Episode 145: Great Plants for Grouping

    Episode 145: Great Plants for Grouping

    Isn’t every plant great in a group? Well, the answer is no. Some plants are too vigorous in their growth habits to share the stage, while others are better if…

  • Fine Gardening podcast Episode 144: Plant This with That-Fall Edition

    Episode 144: Plant This With That: Fall Edition

    It is such a gardening triumph to put together a few plants that play nicely together and create a memorable vignette to mark the season. In this episode, Danielle, Carol,…

  • Episode 143: Best Of LAAP: Our Favorite Guests

    Episode 143: Best of LAAP: Our Favorite Guests

    We’re nearing our 150th episode, and that has meant a lot of plants discussed. But it’s also meant a lot of great guest appearances. As you know, each episode we…

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    Episode 141: Summer Color

    Around here, we’re not fans of the F-word. No, not that F-word. We’re talking about FALL. In our minds, that cooler weather is still a long way off, so we’ve…