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  • Episode 130: Favorite Spring Greens

    Episode 130: Favorite Spring Greens

    Growing spring greens is an easy, satisfying project that takes very little time and very little garden space—you can even grow greens in containers! Homegrown spring greens will be fresher…

  • Episode 129: Early Risers

    Episode 129: Early Risers

    Raise your hand if seasonal affective disorder has set in for you. Yep, us too. Because the skies are gray and the landscape is mostly brown in many areas of…

  • Episode 128: Our Loved Ones’ Favorite Plants

    Episode 128: Our Loved Ones’ Favorite Plants

    For many gardeners, sharing a love of plants with family and friends adds another layer of enjoyment to a very fulfilling pastime. In this episode, Danielle, Carol, and expert guest…

  • An Interview with Doug Tallamy

    Episode 120: An Interview With Doug Tallamy

    We are very pleased to bring you a special episode of Let’s Argue About Plants today, featuring an interview with Douglas Tallamy, PhD, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology at…

  • Episode 81 Disco in-FERN-oh

    Episode 81: Disco in-FERN-oh

    If that title doesn’t grab you, nothing will! We’re talking all things ferns, including East Coast natives, West Coast natives, selections that are from prehistoric times, and even a climbing…

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    Podcast Episodes to Distract You

    Whether you're working from home, looking for activities to occupy your down time, or just need a little mental escape, podcasts are a great healthy distraction and a low-stress way…

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    Episode 52: Holiday Wish List

    Happy holidays, LAAP listeners! It’s hard to believe that another gardening season is now (nearly) in the books. As we think ahead to the New Year—and spring 2020—we’re thinking about…

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    Episode 51: Great Grasses

    As gardeners, we love ornamental grasses for a plethora of reasons: They have great texture, they attract wildlife, many are native to North America. But, there are several options out…

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    Episode 50: Top 50 Plants

    Wow! We've done 50 episodes so far of Let’s Argue About Plants, and to celebrate that achievement we decided to do two things. First, we’ll drink lots of champagne (well,…