English Style Garden

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    An English-Style Garden in Tennessee

    Today we’re off to Tennessee to visit Lou Ann’s garden. My neighbor Linda calls my house “the English cottage,” and I suppose there’s reason enough. I lived in Suffolk for…

  • close up of light pink rose with light purple clematis

    Vince’s Small Magical Garden

    Today’s photos are from Vince in Sussex, United Kingdom. Just before COVID, I started the Instagram account @small_magical_gardens. The account has always been a hobby and faceless, as it’s about…

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    A Little Slice of Heaven in San Diego

    Today’s photos come from Catherine Dickerson. My husband and I have been gardening on our little 1/4 acre in San Diego since we moved here in 2002. I’m still working…

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    Defining the New American Cottage Garden

    Several years ago, a husband-and-wife team of travel writers from England was touring Colorado and stopped by to see my garden. After walking in the garden and comparing our gardening…