• Kitchen Gardening

    What’s the Big Deal About Native Plants?

    The Debate About Natives A debate rages in the gardening world about the role of native plants. Purists say only American native plants are appropriate for our gardens and landscapes.…

  • How-To

    How Sustainable Is Your Landscape?

    Smart gardeners everywhere are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon. And when you consider all the payoffs of a sustainable landscape, it’s not hard to understand why. It typically uses less…

  • illustration showing the food forest model in natural layers

    Earth-Friendly Gardening

    The first time I visited an established permaculture homestead, I felt an immediate connection to the way of life embodied in that special place. This well-designed living environment was also…

  • How-To

    Ants Aren’t Your Enemy

    If you think these little insects are pests, think again