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    Making a Garden That Takes the Drought

    Ellie Gilbert of Plymouth, Massachusetts, sent in these photos earlier in the summer, when she said that they had been having terribly dry weather and the garden was struggling a bit.…

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    Choosing Plants for Color All Year

    Today’s photos come from Pallavi Divekar of Chicago. I started this hobby around 2008 after being in my house for three years and watching what was blooming in the yard.…

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    Mountain Top Magic

    My name is Myrna Mahon. I live on a mountain top at approximately 4700 feet elevation in Cullowhee, North Carolina. I have been gardening for about 20 years but only…

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    Supporting Players

    Today we’re sharing more photos from Connie Prendergast’s garden in Sedgewick, Alberta. Sometimes we gardeners feel like we could have the garden of our dreams if only we were in…

  • Golden marguerites flower

    Perennial Daisies

    Cheerful, versatile perennials brighten the garden for weeks on end