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    Climbing prairie rose

    Rosa 'Setigura'

    Climbing prairie rose has fragrant deep pink flowers 2 inches in diameter. 

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    Pillu™ clematis

    Clematis 'Kivso'

    Piilu™ (‘Kivso’), which translates as “little duckling,” has pretty bicolored flowers with pale purplish pink margins and deep pink central bars.

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    Clematis Picardy™

    Clematis 'Evipo024'

    A clematis doesn’t have to be big to be bold.

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    ‘Teshio’ clematis

    Clematis 'Teshio'

    Double-flowered plants aren’t always my cup of tea; there’s something a bit fussy looking about them.

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    Blue Angel clematis

    Clematis 'Blekitny Aniol'

    To look upon Blue Angel™ (‘Blekitny Aniol’) in full, glorious bloom is a heavenly sight indeed.