cactus garden

  • close up of yellow prickly pear cactus flowers

    Cactus in Upstate New York

    Today we’re visiting with Noah Donovan, who loves growing cacti. We’ve featured plenty of cactus-filled gardens on the GPOD, usually in places like Arizona or California. Noah is unusual in…

  • garden bed with different types of cacti

    Tracy’s Dry Garden in California

    Hi! I'm Tracy, gardening in the East Bay, California, Zone 9b. I've done 100% of the planting here; the space behind the house was just a pile of mud when…

  • botanical garden full of cacti

    GPOD on the Road: Two Arizona Gardens

    Carol is taking us on the road today to warm, dry, Arizona. I thought I'd join in and share some photos I took while on the road recently. I traveled…

  • Article

    Cactus in Italy

    Jan LeClair sent in today’s photos. She writes: I am submitting some garden photos from Sicily. You published my photos a year and a half ago from the famous Valley…