Bold Foliage

  • foliage shade plant

    Fabulous Foliage in a Shade Plant: ‘Spotty Dotty’ Mayapple

    There are times when, as an avid collector, I see a special plant for the first time and feel a desire start to bubble up. I try desperately not to…

  • cottage garden that isnt chaotic

    A Cottage Garden That’s Not Chaotic

    Typical cottage gardens—the ones we see in English gardening books and magazines—are undeniably beautiful. But often, when gardeners in the States attempt to replicate their charming and iconic look, the…

  • ‘Axminster Gold’ Comfrey 

    Trade in Your Troublesome Plants

    If you’ve ever grown plants, odds are that you’ve tried a plant that you couldn’t (or shouldn’t) grow for some reason. Did your grandma grow lilacs on her farm in…