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  • Chinkapin oak

    Resilient Trees for the Southwest

    Trees anchor our landscapes both in size and scale. Landscapes without trees seem barren; even desert environments need trees. Trees stand out in the arid high desert where I live.…

  • 9 New Trees and Shrubs for Your Garden

    9 New Trees and Shrubs for Your Garden

    The tiniest panicle hydrangea yet Name: Fire Light Tidbit® panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘SMNHPK’) Zones: 3–8 Size: 2 to 3 feet tall and wide Conditions: Full sun to partial shade;…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks for Best Native Woodies

    Gardeners love native plants, and for good reason. They are built to thrive in the conditions of a specific region, often without complaint, and are an essential component in the…

  • Design

    Episode 48: Best Small Trees

    It’s said that every great garden should have at least one tree. They serve as focal points, give the garden structure, and generally just help a landscape look more mature.…

  • Design

    Autumn-Flowering Trees

    Fall is an exciting time in the garden, with cooler temperatures resulting in foliage taking on its characteristic yellow, orange, and red tones. Trees that flower in autumn, however, are…

  • Japanese pagoda tree

    Fast-Growing Trees for Impatient Gardeners

    It doesn’t take a lifetime for these strong trees to reach their full potential

  • Design

    Trees That Always Please

    You'll never regret the investment you make in these standout varieties