• How-To

    How to Keep Your Begonias Happy

    Making begonias happy is so easy that many gardeners miss the mark merely by overindulging these affable plants. To give you some idea of their congeniality, begonias were being grown…

  • Design

    Find the Right Begonia for You

    There’s something for everyone with begonias. The size range runs the gamut from tight little nuggets with tiny foliage to big whopping plants that stand several feet tall and take…

  • Design

    A Creative DIY Garden

    Today’s photos come from Randy Potter in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My wife and I love gardening. In the spring and summer we work in the garden almost every day. Rosalyn is…

  • Design

    Escape Winter With a Greenhouse

    Today we’re visiting Kris and Bob Sislow’s indoor tropical paradise in Riverwoods, Illinois. We submitted pictures of our summer gardens a few years ago and decided now to send pictures…

  • Article

    Patriotism in the Garden

    Sharon Vickers has shared some incredible photos of her garden in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, with us before (if you missed the most recent ones, check them out here and here)…

  • Begonias

    Rex Begonias

    A guide to growing, care, and propagation of rex begonias, plus some great cultivars