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  • completed garden in full bloom

    From Nothing to Garden

    Kat Kinch sent in today’s photos of a garden transformation. My mom, Pat, a retired teacher, was increasingly concerned that a huge, old red maple in close proximity to her…

  • garden path leading to small patio

    Lila’s Garden Makeover

    Today we’re visiting with Lila Johnson (whose garden we’ve visited before: The Flowers of August). My garden has been featured in the GPOD previously, but after much thought and several…

  • garden path with foliage plants on either side

    Michele’s Before and After

    Today we’re visiting with Michele Baker and seeing how she has transformed her new garden on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I’ve loved Fine Gardening for years and am always inspired…

  • masses of yellow and pink tulips

    Patti’s Garden Before and After

    Today we’re visiting Patti’s garden in Guilford, Connecticut. Growing up, I read about a garden like this while sitting on the floor in Accra, Ghana. Now in America, I have…

  • Article

    Turning a Pool Into a Garden

    Today’s photos are of Suzie Hoyt’s garden in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Over the past 10 years she has been transforming her yard into a beautiful garden. She and her family have…

  • Article

    Turn a Barren Lot Into a Garden Bursting With Life

    Sarah shares the beautiful transformation in her central Minnesota garden: We’ve lived at our home for almost 10 years now. It was a barren, lifeless lot with not a critter…

  • garden transformation

    Garden Transformations: Before and After

    There is something about a ‘before’ shot that makes the ‘after’ shot even more rewarding!