Annual plants

  • close up of colorful container planting

    Creating Container Garden Art

    Hi GPODers, This submission hit close to home for me, so though it was short, I just had to share. Today we're hearing from Jerrica and learning about the beautiful…

  • niagara falls with formal hedging in the foreground

    GPOD on the Road: Gardens Around Niagara

    Happy Friday, GPODers! Last summer I went on a bucket-list trip, taking my camper van from my home state of Connecticut across Canada to Vancouver Island, and back across the…

  • annuals for southwestern gardens

    The Best Annuals for Southwestern Gardens

    Annual plants are a garden designer’s secret weapon. Endlessly versatile and extremely showy, annuals add nonstop color without a high price or a lot of work. They are perfect for…

  • Falling in Love common poppy

    Discover Expert Tips on Cultivating Poppies and the Best Varieties to Grow

    Poppies (Papaver spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) are one of the most beloved and desirable garden flowers, but they aren't as easy to please as many sources make them out…

  • new annuals for summer

    New and Unusual Annuals to Try in Your Garden This Summer

    Gardening is, or at least should be, an ongoing learning process. It can include trial and error (and sometimes failure), but for me, the most exciting part is discovering new…

  • small backyard garden full of container plantings

    Mark’s Apartment Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Mark Klempner in Philadelphia. I have a bit of a special situation: I live in a rental apartment with a substantial private garden. I'm in the…

  • fall bouquet with annuals

    A Stunning Fall Bouquet with Annuals

    Annuals do more than just look good in the garden; they also make excellent cut flowers for floral arrangements—especially in fall as they give it their all and put out…

  • close up of moth on bright yellow coreopsis flowers

    Anita’s Illinois Garden

    We’re visiting with Anita Drendel today. I garden in Yorkville, Illinois. I have about 20 different garden areas, including six 3-foot tall raised garden beds for my vegetables. Huge flower…

  • birdbath and pink flowers in a garden bed

    Terri’s Garden in Michigan

    We’re in Holland, Michigan, today visiting Terri Holden’s beautiful garden. It's a late summer day on the path through Terri’s garden that leads to Lake Macatawa. Terri says she enjoys…

  • close up of pink coneflowers

    Arianne’s Garden in Minneapolis

    Arianne is letting us into her beautiful garden today. I want to share my Zone 4B garden with you. This is a mixture of both perennials and annuals, mostly planted…