12 to 15 ft.

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    Sun Parasol Pretty Crimson

    Mandevilla Sun Parasol Pretty Crimson

    Sun Parasol Pretty Crimson mandevilla blooms ferociously with 2 to 3 inch true-red flowers along thin, small,yet sturdy, glossy green leaves. A vigorous grower, Pretty Crimson can grow up to…

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    Sun Parasol Giant White

    Mandevilla Sun Parasol Giant White

    Sun Parasol Giant White mandevilla blooms big bad giant, 3 to 5 inch, bright white flowers with a yellow center. Giant White is a vigorous climber, growing up to 15…

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    ‘Rev d’Or’ rose

    Rosa 'Rev d'Or'

    This climbing rose has lax canes and stems, so the blooms nod down at you from above.