Southern California Regional Reports

  • Tarocco blood orange
    Southern California Regional Reports

    The Best Citrus Trees for Southern California

    Here in Southern California, many of us are fortunate enough to be surrounded by citrus trees. While many citrus trees are facing an unknown future with the spread of citrus…

  • Bismarck palm
    Southern California Regional Reports

    Focal-Point Palms for Southern California

    We are fortunate in Southern California to be able to feature a variety of striking palms in our gardens. Often used as solitary specimens, these grasslike plants are worth investigating…

  • Finger aloe
    Southern California Regional Reports

    South African Standouts for Southern California

    South Africa has a few similarities with Southern California. Both are hot spots of biodiversity. South Africa, like California, is recognized as a floristic province. That means that both have…

  • Island alum root
    Southern California Regional Reports

    Native Plants for Southern California Pollinators

    Winter is a great time to add new plants to your garden, and what better to add than California natives? California natives have evolved with our local weather conditions, soil,…

  • dormant fruit trees
    Southern California Regional Reports

    Deciduous Fruit Tree Pruning Primer

    January and February mean that deciduous fruit tree pruning season is upon us here in Southern California. Although this garden task can be intimidating, there are some things to keep…

  • Purple owls clover
    Southern California Regional Reports

    Regenerative Gardening Practices in Southern California

    You may have heard the term “regenerative” as it applies to farming. Regenerative agriculture is the conservation of land through processes that improve our soil, preserve our water, and enhance…

  • Southern California Regional Reports

    Southern California: January Garden To-Do List

    The holidays are now past, and it’s time to break down your decorations and put everything away. Before hauling the tree to the curb, consider how much of it can…

  • California buckwheat
    Southern California Regional Reports

    Five Natives for Slope Retention in Southern California

    At the beginning of the rainy season, our thoughts in Southern California turn to the foothills and the potential for mudslides. Plants are the solution to keeping our slopes intact.…

  • Toyon berries
    Southern California Regional Reports

    Southern California December Garden To-Do List

    December in Southern California can still sometimes offer warmer weather, but generally we see cooler temperatures. With the holiday season upon us, it's the perfect time to reflect on the…

  • Southern California Regional Reports

    Southern California November Garden To-Do List

    The weather is finally reliably cooler now in Southern California, and our attention is shifting from heat and wind protection to tucking our gardens in with new plants and fresh…