Northeast Regional Reports

  • broadleaf evergreens for the northeast
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Interesting Broadleaf Evergreens for the Northeast

    In an episode of Fine Gardening's podcast, Let's Argue About Plants, the hosts discuss the importance of evergreen plants, and the particular perks of broadleaf evergreens: "The key to any…

  • yellow spring bulb
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Five Unusual Bulbs to Order Now and Plant in Fall

    Buying bulbs was one of those autumn rituals that I looked forward to. It was something to do just as the cooler, crisp days arrived in mid-September or October. It…

  • foxgloves in a mass planting
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Two Ways to Add Mass Plantings Without Breaking the Bank

    Look no further than the theater if you want to add some real impact to your perennial or flower garden. After all, a garden is essentially a living stage, so…

    Northeast Regional Reports

    Unusual Fall Perennials for the Northeast

    In Andy Brand’s article Unusual Fall Perennials, he discusses some out-of-the-box plant picks for this spectacular time in the garden: “As we reluctantly accept the inevitable and begin preparing our gardens…

  • garden with matching plant colors
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Planning a Garden from Scratch: Notes from Designing a Painter’s Garden

    When the time came for me to transform a 90-year-old putting green into a perennial garden on my family's three-generation plot, I froze. As a designer, I usually seek out…

  • Walkers Low catmint
    Northeast Regional Reports

    The Best Lesser-Known Catmint Varieties

    Few perennials are as hardworking as catmints (Nepeta spp. and cvs., Zones 4–8), which are sometimes also called catnips. While some gardeners might consider them overused by professional landscape designers,…

  • hydrangea
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Winter-Hardy Hydrangeas

    If you haven’t noticed, there are suddenly more hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) for northern gardeners than ever before. If you've become frustrated with getting a hydrangea to…

  • celtuce
    Northeast Regional Reports

    How to Grow Celtuce

    While celtuce, or stem lettuce, may sound like just another novelty vegetable, it's far from that. If you are not familiar with celtuce, just think of it as overgrown romaine…

  • perennials for dry shade
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Perennials for Dry Shade in the Northeast

    Many of us in the Northeast struggle with the drier soil conditions found under tall evergreens, particularly the problematic summer-dry situations often found under towering Eastern white pines (Pinus strobus,…

  • drought tolerant shrubs for the northeast
    Northeast Regional Reports

    Drought-Tolerant Shrubs for the Northeast

    According to NASA Earth Observatory, one-third of the United States experienced some level of drought in 2020. Unfortunately, we know this was not a random anomaly but an increasing trend…