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  • How-To

    Tomatoes for Mountain West Gardeners

    Despite working predominantly in ornamental—especially naturalistic—horticulture, I hold an “interdisciplinary minor in organic agriculture” from Colorado State University. Early in my career I worked primarily in food crops, and before…

  • Swiss chard growing in a rocky vegetable garden

    Which Vegetables to Grow in Rocky Soil and Which to Avoid

    Here in the Northeast, rocks are just a part of gardening life, and even if you are raising vegetables in an old garden (one that's been well tended for decades),…

  • gardening product buyers guide
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    Gardening Buyer’s Guide 2024

    I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get outside and get my hands into the warm dirt. Gardening season can't come soon enough this year. In the meantime,…

  • Planted rows of different vegetables in the garden.
    Kitchen Gardening

    New Veggie Varieties to Try This Year

    For what seems like 8 million years, I have grown ‘Tomatoberry’. It’s a small cherry tomato variety that is not rare or superflashy, but it works well for me, so…

  • ‘Amethyst’ witch hazel

    A Time to Take Garden Stock | Letter from the Editor

    As I look outside my office window, I can see a serene layer of snow has begun blanketing my garden.  So, it seems like an appropriate time to celebrate the…

  • soil blockers for seed starting

    4 Must-Have Tools for Seed Starting

    Tested by Niki Jabbour, the award-winning author of Growing Under Cover and The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, who lives and gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Learn more about the how's, why's,…

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    Praise for Perennial Evergreens | Letter from the Editor

    If you live in a place that gets a fair amount of snow, is it important to have evergreen perennials? For many years we have debated this question around our…

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    Growing Garlic in the Rocky Mountains

    Good things in life take time. Most of us recognize the truth in this statement, especially when it comes to our gardens. Not only are the best designs often those…

  • chilis
    Kitchen Gardening

    Growing Chile Peppers for Those Who Like It Hot

    Until recently, if you wanted to add a little fire to your food, you didn’t have many choices. You could grind black peppercorns over your plate or shake on some…

  • healthy and productive vegetable garden

    Tips to Keep a Vegetable Garden Healthy and Productive in the Midwest

    My first memories of a vegetable garden are of large sunflowers (Helianthus annuus and cvs., annual) growing in our backyard when I was about five years old and my mom…