Kitchen Gardening

  • improved herbs
    Kitchen Gardening

    Get Acquainted with These Improved Varieties of Herbs

    One of the best things about being in the plant business for over 40 years has been trying out new and rediscovered plants. Every year I like to grow the…

  • mint

    6 Varieties of Mint to Grow for Superb Flavor and Fragrance

    When I think of mint, the first thing that enters my mind is its inimitable fragrance. With one whiff of a crushed mint leaf, menthol fills my nose with a…

  • Asparagus

    How to Grow Better Asparagus

    My family didn’t grow asparagus when I was a child. We found it. My dad had a sharp eye for the tender green spears that grew wild along roadsides near…

  • snap peas

    How to Grow Supersweet Snap Peas

    It’s always a great day when I pick the first snap peas. A lot of the harvest never makes it to the kitchen. Snap peas—which snap like green beans and…

  • Broadcast the seed over rough ground. The less-than-ideal soil cradles rainwater for this moisture-loving, cool-weather crop.

    Grow Delicious Broccoli Rabe From Seed

    On a trip through Germany in 1971, I took a train from Frankfurt to Munich. The train was half-empty, and I looked around for a while before finding a friendly…

  • different pepper varieties

    How to Grow Peppers That Won’t Let You Down

    Peter Piper may have picked a peck of “perfect” peppers, but for the rest of us, a good harvest of this popular veggie can be more elusive. Peppers, like their…

  • bowl of harvested beans

    How to Grow Beans All Summer Long

    In my father’s victory garden, we planted a single crop of beans in late spring. The endless rows came in all at once, and we spent a long, hot week…

  • fava beans

    Basics of Growing Fava Beans

    I had never met a fava bean until I moved to Northern California in the early 1980s and started my market garden. I noticed that the local Italian folks seemed…

  • raspberries

    Follow These Steps to Grow the Best Sweet Raspberries

    My fondest memory of childhood summers is picking red raspberries from my family’s small patch. The wonderful flavor and fragrance of these berries led me up and down the rows…

  • How-To

    Tomatoes for Mountain West Gardeners

    Despite working predominantly in ornamental—especially naturalistic—horticulture, I hold an “interdisciplinary minor in organic agriculture” from Colorado State University. Early in my career I worked primarily in food crops, and before…