Kitchen Gardening

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Grow the Best Watermelon From Seed

    On hot summer afternoons, we didn’t need much more than the shade of a mimosa tree and a watermelon to stay cool. My grandfather would split one open, spear the…

  • Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden
    Kitchen Gardening

    Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden

    Gardening season is here! Now is the time to get out your garden gloves and tackle your veggie garden needs. Planting, mulching, and general tending are on the calendar, and…

  • kale

    How to Grow Kale

    When I tell people I grow kale in my vegetable garden, they often give me funny looks and ask why I bother. Even my next-door neighbors, who welcome all my…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Perfect Pickled Peppers: Recipes for the Garden

    Pepper plants will keep producing as long as you keep picking the produce. Pickling is an easy way to preserve the flavor of freshly picked peppers.

  • Lever loops

    Vegetable Garden Tools to Add to Your Shed This Year

    An inexpensive gadget to keep vining plants in check In the veggie garden, you often need to tie a plant to a stake to keep it upright. When I’m doing…

  • Domesticated Honeybees

    8 Types of Pollinators That Visit the Garden

    Containers filled with pollinator-pleasing plants will bring an assortment of fascinating creatures to your yard. From the portfolio of nature photographer Bill Johnson, let’s take a look at some of…

  • jumping worm

    How to Identify and Remove Invasive Jumping Worms

    This garden pest is certainly making a name for itself—even several. Depending on where you are and who you are talking to, you may hear it called “the crazy snake…

  • How-To

    Growing Green Mâche from Seed

    When I was a child, my family cele­brated the first days of spring with a garden salad of nutty, dark green rosettes that we called feldsalat. Back then, my mother…

  • cherry tomatoes
    Kitchen Gardening

    Tips to Grow Better Cherry Tomatoes in Northern California

    Though technically a fruit, the tomato is the most popular homegrown vegetable, with thousands of tasty varieties available for the kitchen gardener to choose from. Tomatoes can range from big…

  • raised bed garden

    Why to Use Raised Garden Beds, Especially in Extreme Climates

    My first foray into gardening was many years ago when my husband and I joined another couple in renting a community garden plot in Arlington, Virginia. We inherited the worst…