• growing roses in containers

    Tips for Growing Roses in Containers in Northern California

    Velvety petals, pleasing forms, spectacular colors, and intoxicating fragrances make roses the loveliest flowers a gardener can grow. Roses are simply gorgeous adorning the flower garden and are even more…

  • deer and hydrangeas

    Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

    The arrival of late spring and early summer means just one thing here in New England: hydrangea season. The East Coast is known for the iconic displays those hydrangeas put…

  • Design

    Fine Gardening’s Great Garden-Container Challenge

    The grass is green, the birds are singing, and for our magazine editors that can only mean one thing: It’s time to plant our containers. This year the staff of…

  • kale

    How to Grow Kale

    When I tell people I grow kale in my vegetable garden, they often give me funny looks and ask why I bother. Even my next-door neighbors, who welcome all my…

  • garden bag around chair cushion

    6 Tips for Easier Gardening This Season

    1. Repurpose an old cushion for a garden seat - Winning Tip Garden kneelers are a necessity as you age, not a luxury. One day when I was getting ready…

  • staking tall plants

    Expert Staking Tips for Tall Plants

    If you garden in a low-wind situation, your tall plants probably won’t need staking. However, my big, bold garden is out in the open prairie, so staking is often a…

  • Lever loops

    Vegetable Garden Tools to Add to Your Shed This Year

    An inexpensive gadget to keep vining plants in check In the veggie garden, you often need to tie a plant to a stake to keep it upright. When I’m doing…

  • growing summer allium

    Growing Summer Alliums: Conditions and Care

    When given proper conditions and care, summer alliums are stellar, reliable performers in the landscape. Here are some insights into growing summer alliums that can help you manage and enjoy…

  • orienpet lilies

    Tips for Working With Summer Bulbs

    Adding bulbs, corms, and tubers to garden beds is a little different from planting typical perennials or annuals. Here are a few tips to help ensure a bountiful summer-bulb display.…

  • summer bulbs

    8 Summer Bulbs That Every Garden Needs

    Summer bulbs are a bit of garden magic, a trick you can keep up your sleeve to transform beds that have become too sleepy and predictable. They are perfect for…