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    Tomatoes for Mountain West Gardeners

    Despite working predominantly in ornamental—especially naturalistic—horticulture, I hold an “interdisciplinary minor in organic agriculture” from Colorado State University. Early in my career I worked primarily in food crops, and before…

  • mixed planting of various azaleas

    Guide to Growing Great Azaleas

    One group of plants you can use to create a blooming bridge between spring and summer are azaleas (Rhododendron spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9). As one of the most popular…

  • apple tree from below

    6 Tips for Pruning Young Fruit Trees

    Good things come to those who wait, and this is especially true when establishing young fruit trees. Pruning to encourage proper branching structure and the production of high-quality fruit requires…

  • Swiss chard growing in a rocky vegetable garden

    Which Vegetables to Grow in Rocky Soil and Which to Avoid

    Here in the Northeast, rocks are just a part of gardening life, and even if you are raising vegetables in an old garden (one that's been well tended for decades),…

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    Tough Plants for Sustainable Gardening

    It doesn’t matter where you live—if you’re deciding what to plant based on weather forecasting, you may as well buy monthly lottery tickets and expect them to pay the rent.…

  • using a battery-operated toothbrush to clean a seed-starting tray

    6 Gardening Tips That Repurpose Common Household Items

    Gardeners often find ingenious ways to solve problems. Below you'll find tips from our readers that repurpose common household items to great effect. Get an edge on gardening and peruse…

  • Bessey MultiSnip cutters

    Time-Saving Garden Gadgets

    Plant dozens of annuals in a snap with this drill and auger combo Tested by Marti Neely When planting en masse, I need more power than my favorite trowel or…

  • managing deer in garden

    4 Techniques for Managing Deer in Your Garden

    I asked four horticulturists from around the country with decades of gardening experience how they deal with deer. Here are some of the strategies they use and advice they give…

  • social media garden myths

    Social Media Gardening Tips and Tricks to Avoid

    If your feed is anything like mine, you get a constant stream of newsy horticultural information every time you look at your phone. Many of these articles, memes, and posts…

  • deer eating a small shrub

    Plants and Strategies for Deterring Deer

    Last summer I was gifted three gorgeous daylilies (Hemerocallis cvs., Zones 3–10). Selections of a brand-new cultivar, they each featured multitudes of gorgeous yellow, red, and maroon multicolored flowers. I…