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How do I Deter Deer?

DrPulte_Moderator | Posted in Southeast Gardening on

I don’t have much of a deer problem.  However, if deer visit your garden, they are hungry.  As April dawns, fawns are just being born, and they are ready to put on weight. I understand deer repellents can be a good option when fencing is not possible. 

I’m worried for many of you hosta lovers….. I know many deer are out searching for just the right all-you-can-eat-hosta buffet to fill their stomachs. 

How do you protect plants from deer?


  1. user-7821942 | | #1

    I have a Poncirus trifoliata (trifoliate orange) which is a plant featuring 2-3 inch, sharp thorns. In the spring, I "prune" it and place the cuttings on deer favored plants such as small roses and young hydrangeas. I nestle the cuttings among daylilies, hostas, and any other small plant that deer can't resist. This method has worked well for me as the large thorns discourage browsing but going forward, I focus more on deer resistant plants in areas that deer frequent. One area adjacent to my house is a secluded patio area that deer cannot access, and this is where I concentrate plants such as hostas, acuba, azaleas, and camellias.

    1. User avater Moderator
      DrPulte_Moderator | | #2

      Great suggestion!

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    DrPulte_Moderator | | #3

    Has anyone ever tried the sprinklers that are motion sensors?

  3. user-7821942 | | #4

    Yes, we used the motion activated sprinkler system last year at our county Extension Master Gardener peach tree orchard to discourage deer from enjoying the harvest. It worked so well that several of us are trying the system out at home this year.

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      DrPulte_Moderator | | #5

      That is great news

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