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evergreen foundation plant for shade

MissyB | Posted in Mountain West Gardening on

any suggestions for an evergreen foundation shrub for zone 6b, shade, width restriction of 18 inches wide? hoping for something other than a boxwood that could be pruned to approx 3 feet tall. Thanks for your ideas!


  1. MissyB | | #1

    thinking hicks yew but interested to hear from someone more familiar with it.

  2. sadiarehman | | #2

    Consider Japanese Holly 'Sky Pencil': shade-tolerant can be pruned to 18" width, 3' tall. Offers sleek form, and glossy leaves. Great for zone 6b.

  3. User avater Moderator
    maryannnewcomer | | #3

    Hi MissyB,

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner! I love ‘ETERNAL FRAGRANCE’ Daphne. But it does get 36 inches wide and as tall. So, it's probably too large for your space. Another narrow evergreen shrub is 'Green Spire' Euonymus and, I agree with sadiarehman, who recommended 'Sky Pencil' Japanese Holly.

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