Jen Kettell

Jen Kettell is an arborist and horticulturist and the owner of Radiant Leaf Consulting, a firm based in Nattik, Massachusetts, that provides training to green-industry professionals and homeowners. 

  • pruning tool kit

    Basic Pruning Terms and Tools

    Assemble a Pruning Tool Kit Having the right equipment will help to ensure pruning success. Here are the basic tools to get the job done right. Tools for your kit…

  • A strong, open structure is one of the goals to aim for when pruning a multistemmed shrub like this viburnum. Judicious cuts allow light to penetrate the canopy and reach the inside of the plant.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Pruning Viburnums

    Viburnums (Viburnum spp. and cvs., Zones 2–9) are a genus of approximately 150 woody shrubs prized for their delicate, early-season flowers and bright fall fruit. Some, like smooth witherod (V.…