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    Learn to Water Well

    Develop an effective regimen by testing your soil and getting to know your plants

  • tips for dividing perennials

    10 Tips on Dividing Perennial Plants

    Divide to make healthier plants--and more of them

  • How-To

    Dividing a Plant Without Digging It Up

    Dividing perennials improves the health of mature plants and allows you to increase the number of plants in your garden. Some can be divided right in the ground. In this…

  • How-To

    Dividing Plants with Underground Running Roots

    Underground running roots can develop suckers as they grow beyond the shade of the mother clump. These suckers can be cut away from the main plant, or you can dig…

  • How-To

    Dividing Plants with Taproots

    Plants that have taproots can be divided by using a sharp knife to slice down the length of the root. Every piece that has at least one eye, some of…

  • How-To

    Dividing Plants With Roots That Form Offsets

    To divide a plant whose roots form offsets (small plants growing at the base of a larger one), snap the connection between any of the sections to obtain a piece…

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    Dividing Plants With Surface Roots

    Some perennials have roots that run on or just below the surface of the soil. They form new crowns and roots when they reach open spaces or make contact with…

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    Dividing Plants with Woody Roots

    Woody perennials often form roots when stems rest on the ground or are buried by gradually accumulating mulch. Make a new plant by simply cutting between the rooted stem and…

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    Introduction to Dividing Perennials

    Dividing perennials improves the health of mature plants, and also allows you to increase the number of plants in your garden. In this video, author and instructor Janet Macunovich provides…