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  • how to grow sedum

    How to Have Success With Sedums

    Sedums are easy to care for. They tend to grow naturally in cool, rocky areas, so well-drained soil is ideal. They also grow in open and exposed situations, which means…

  • foliage sedums

    Sedums With Far-Out Foliage

    It’s no secret that the leaves of sedums are a big draw for gardeners. Their foliage is bursting with a broad spectrum of color options. If you are looking for…

  • sedums

    10 Stunning Sedums for Dry, Sunny Areas of the Garden

    For many people, the mention of hardy sedums initially brings to mind classic Autumn Joy sedum (Sedum ‘Herbstfreude’, syn. S. ‘Autumn Joy’, Zones 3–9) with its soothing green, fleshy foliage…

  • Design

    Great Medium-Size Grasses

    When you think of ornamental grasses, the larger the plant, the larger the show, right? Along those same lines, many of us would agree that the smallest grasses at the…

  • Design

    Flowering Grasses: Uncommon Varieties

    When it comes to ornamental grasses and their flowers, also known as inflorescences, it’s the subtle things that add up. Sure, they don’t have the in-your-face flower power of a…

  • Goldies Wood Fern 
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Bold Plants for Shade—Midwest

    Finding plants that flourish in the shade isn't the challenge. Anyone can find a flock of ferns or a herd of hostas to turn their shade garden into a green…