• terra-cotta urn in the middle of various colored ground covers

    Visiting Sylvia’s Garden

    Cherry Ong is a frequent GPOD contributor, sharing both her own beautiful garden and those she visits on her travels. But she also helps out in her friend Sylvia’s garden…

  • garden beds edged with bricks

    GPOD on the Road: University of BC Botanical Garden, Part 2

    We’re back with more from Susan Esche’s visit to the beautiful University of British Columbia Botanical Garden in Vancouver in early September. It is open to the public and has…

  • close up of hydrangea with pink flowers

    GPOD on the Road: University of BC Botanical Garden

    We’ve visited Susan Esche’s home garden before (A Garden Wedding, the Flowers, and the Deer), but today she’s taking us along to visit a public garden in Vancouver, British Columbia.…

  • wide view of fall garden with purple berries and lots of foliage plants

    October in Cherry’s Garden

    We often hear from Cherry Ong when she’s traveling to visit a marvelous public garden, but today she’s letting us in to see her home garden in Richmond, British Columbia.…

  • backyard vineyard

    How to Grow Grapes for Your Own Backyard Vineyard

    Have you always longed to make wine from tasty sun-warmed grapes gathered from your own backyard? While I live in the ideal wine-growing region (USDA Zone 9b) near the well-known…

  • stained glass greenhouse at night

    Eric’s Stained Glass Conservatory

    My name is Eric Peterson, and like most gardeners I have been into gardening since I was a child. I live on a 3,900-square-foot lot in Portland, Oregon (Zone 8b).…

  • close up of garden bed with white hydrangea and red, yellow, and orange flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Return to the Bellevue Botanic Garden

    A few weeks ago, frequent GPOD contributor Cherry Ong took us along on her visit to Bellevue Botanical Garden in Bellevue, Washington (GPOD on the Road: Bellevue Botanical Garden) but…

  • Design

    Plants That the Herbivores Will Avoid in the Northwest

    Fionuala Campion says in her article, Dazzling Deer-Resistant Perennials, "Though very graceful and delightful to behold in their native habitat, deer are a voracious force to reckon with in many…

  • sunset over foliage plants in a jungle garden

    A Jungle Garden in Portland

    Today we’re in Portland, Oregon, visiting with Zeah. I've loved interesting plants since I was small, growing plants in my mother's garden and killing orchids from the yearly orchid show.…

  • winterberries in Pacific Northwest

    Winterberry Is a Fall Gem for the Pacific Northwest Garden

    Fall brings out my desire to “bring the outdoors in.” Collecting berries, seedpods, and dried flowers is a passion I share with many gardeners. Using these to display in the…