• organic approach to lawn maintenance

    Fall Is a Natural Time for Organic Lawn Care

    The centerpiece of a traditional American landscape has long been a verdant, weed-free expanse of lawn. But all too often conventional lawn care is achieved by applying an onslaught of…

  • close up of bright pink peony

    How to Help Perennials Bloom Longer into Summer

    Enjoying the beauty of plants and flowers is the number one reason most of us love to garden, so it’s always fun to find new ways to help our plants…

  • large stone steps leading through the garden with ground covers and container plantings

    John’s Maryland Garden

    My name is John Rohde. My garden is located 15 miles north of Baltimore in Towson, Maryland, in Zone 7b. This is the second full year for this pandemic garden.…

  • healthy tree planting

    Two Tree-Planting Pitfalls to Avoid

    You’ve probably heard the old saying that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second best time is now. If you’ve recently been inspired…

  • summer flowering plants that are good for Chelsea chop

    Do You Dare to Try the “Chelsea Chop”?

    In late May, many of us look forward to seeing social media posts about the Chelsea Flower Show. The timing of this event is a reminder that there are many…

  • Design

    Julie and Mike’s Baltimore Highlands Garden

    Joe sent in today’s photos, which feature the beautiful garden of his neighbors Julie and Mike in Baltimore. The gardens, started 20 years ago, were built on a rustic farm-implement…

  • Corn gluten meal

    Suppress Weeds Organically with Corn Gluten Meal

    Managing weeds organically can truly be a challenge. After some experimentation, I have found that corn gluten meal (CGM) is showing very promising results in controlling the annual weeds that…

  • foundation plating of daffodils under window boxes with pink flowers

    Spring in Mary’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Mary Spencer. I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of my Westminster, Maryland, spring flowers. Named for Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame, lewisia…

  • clay soil

    Healthy Soil Is at the Heart of a Thriving Garden  

    Soil is a complex structure made up of mineral solids and organic matter interwoven with aggregates and open pore spaces. The open spaces between soil particles are just as important…

  • plants to buy mid-atlantic

    Shopping-List Plants for the Mid-Atlantic

    Little kids have Christmas. Gardeners have spring. To anyone who loves plants, this is the most wonderful time of the year. As warmer weather approaches, gardeners across the country eagerly anticipate…