• balance hardscape and plants

    Tour a Garden That Perfectly Balances Hardscape and Plants

    Margherita Fabrizio and her husband, Andy Jordan, live in a beautiful historic 1918 home in the heart of downtown Ithaca, New York. When they purchased their property in 2009, they…

  • garden hardscape

    A Terraced, Urban Garden That Balances Hardscape and Softscape

    Plants emerging in the earliest days of spring never cease to amaze me, even though I’ve been gardening for 40 years. In Zone 5 in central New York State, spring…

  • small, simple stone and stump sculpture

    GPOD on the Road: Garden Tour in Toronto

    We’re with Cherry Ong today, tagging along on a garden tour she did earlier this year during a trip to the Toronto area. According to the brochure Cherry received for…

  • whimsical elf house built on a tree stump with blue door and trim

    Creative Recycling in a Woodland Garden

    My name is Paul Brothe, and I live and garden in Newburgh, New York. (See a previous visit to this garden.) In 2020, I cleared an overgrown part of my…

  • garden beds with pink, purple, and yellow flowers

    Return to Zita’s Garden

    Today we’re in Evanston, Illinois (just outside Chicago), visiting with Zita Swindells. A few years back I sent in pictures of my postconstruction garden (Surviving Construction in the Garden)—nice bones,…

  • close up of the garden pond

    Visiting Tom’s Garden

    Tom VonIns is sharing his garden with us today. Tom and his wife started working on making a garden here in 1985. When they started it was mostly dirt with…

  • stone garden

    Create a Water-Wise Garden With Stone

    As water becomes a critical issue in Southern California, it has become imperative to seek a new definition of what gardening is about and what we want our landscapes to…

  • small purple flowers in front of a view of the garden

    Serene Garden in Germany

    Today we’re off to Germany visiting a beautiful landscape, with photos taken and shared with us by Michael Frick of a landscape created by Michael's father, Werner Frick Winhöring. It…

  • path leading to garden bed on a slope

    Revisiting Karen’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Karen Holmen. A few years back I sent in some pictures of my garden (From Wild to Wonderful and Made for Shade ). Since it always…

  • completed garden in full bloom

    From Nothing to Garden

    Kat Kinch sent in today’s photos of a garden transformation. My mom, Pat, a retired teacher, was increasingly concerned that a huge, old red maple in close proximity to her…