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Volunteer Gardening for a Beautiful Community

The Lord Street In Bloom Volunteer Group is passionate about keeping Lord Street floral and enjoy working alongside local business's Sainsbury's and Asda. Thanks to Pauline Morris for sharing their work and gardening enthusiasm with their community, and with us! 

"I thought I would send you some photo's of what our volunteer group has achieved this Summer. Lord St In Bloom volunteer group looks after the gardens along Lord St, Southport. We also plant up 82 large stone planters twice a yr, and plant up nine wooden planters. We garden every week and make sure Lord Street Southport looks blooming marvellous. Volunteers play an important role all over the country."

Please keep sending in photos (and stories)! Whether you've never shared before or you've been featured multiple times, we want to see your garden! Email a few photos and the story behind your garden to [email protected]

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  1. user-3565112 08/06/2015

    It's great to see friends & neighbors get together to maintain & improve their community. Judging by the smiles they had fun in the process & enjoy each others company.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/06/2015

    Outstanding work and almost all of you are positively beaming...what a great thing to be a part of. It has to be so satisfying to make this kind of contribution to your community.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/06/2015

    How cool is that?! Good job, volunteers. Time well spent!

  4. danyelhealeymoulden 08/06/2015

    Beautiful ! I love that it is done by volunteers!

  5. User avater
    HelloFromMD 08/06/2015

    Awesome acheivement. How many volunteers in your group? How many hours a week does it take to tidy all the plantings? Is watering an issue? I ask as a garden club member who helps create and maintain public gardens.

  6. GrannyMay 08/06/2015

    I didn't realize this post came from England until I read the Sefton Council sign. Thanks for sharing this Pauline. It is wonderful to recognize the volunteers. Without them, there would be no way to keep so many places looking beautiful. Great job!

  7. User avater
    gringopeligroso 08/06/2015

    Beautiful example of what ALL of our towns and cities on BOTH sides of the pond could and arguably should be...both aesthetically and community-wise!

  8. pamelamarybosse 08/06/2015

    That is undeniably so very awsome!!!

  9. Cenepk10 08/06/2015

    I just love when gardens are pretty and appropriate for the site… Lovely - and a beautiful example of how gardens & architecture combine to evoke harmony, beauty and peace for those lucky enough to experience ! Including us !!!! Thanks for sharing !

  10. GrannyCC 08/06/2015

    What a wonderful project and you all look like you are having a fun time.Such a great way to support your community.

  11. wGardens 08/07/2015

    Wonderful! The community so so very fortunate!

  12. Angela_Weaver 12/20/2021

    Great article!

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