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Thumbs up for Fine Gardening’s Facebook page

What our main Facebook page looks like.
A preview of what the events section of our Facebook page looks like.
What our main Facebook page looks like.
A preview of what the events section of our Facebook page looks like.

If your newsfeed doesn’t include updates on the Fine Gardening Facebook page…you’re seriously missing out.

The Fine Gardening Facebook page pools and’s information into one convenient spot causing it to overflow with gardening goodies. New blog posts from both websites are linked to the Facebook page, which gives you and your fellow gardeners a chance to “like” and comment on them. It’s a great way to start a conversation with others on a particular blog post that really interested you. Who knows, you may find a new gardening buddy in the process!

Sometimes you get the chance to show off your skills by helping someone with a gardening question or problem they are having. Members may mention problems they are having in the comment section, while other times we link to forums. Either way, your expertise could be exactly what another gardener needs.

We know one of our most popular blogs is the Garden Photo of the Day blog. Each morning, after the gorgeous garden photo appears in your inbox and in the blog post, it is also uploaded to Facebook. In addition, the image is saved to our Garden Photo of the Day Archive in case you ever need a dose of green. Check out that album to get some inspiration from the past months.

Another feature is the events tab, which has an overview of where our frequent contributors, including our own staff, are speaking over the next few months. Feel free to join the event and find out if any of your gardening friends are attending as well.

Fine Gardening magazine loves holding contests for our loyal readers. We post these exciting contests on the Fine Gardening Facebook page to keep you informed. Don’t worry if you see the notification pop up on your way out the door, links for contests are posted periodically through the entirety of the contest. That gives you a chance to participate even if you forgot the first time around!

Our Pinterest account organizes the best of Fine Gardening in stunning garden photos. On the Fine Gardening Facebook page we often showcase, with direct links, new pinboards we think our readers will find especially interesting.

The Fine Gardening Facebook page is a great resource for all information having to do with gardening. It connects you with all our social media websites, all new blog posts, videos, contests and more. It allows you to interact with fellow gardeners and share your thoughts on things that we post. So come visit and be sure to let us know what you think!

Also, be sure to:
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