The Orchid Show: Brand-New Selections

New selections of a favorite houseplant

Gary Junken, produced by Antonio Reis

In this video, Marc Hachadourian, curator of the orchid collection at the New York Botanical Garden, shares a rare glimpse of his favorite new hybrids and cultivars.

One of the really great parts of my job as curator of the Orchid Show is working with breeders all over the country, and even some from other parts of the world, to introduce new and unusual breedings and to showcase new varieties. Essentially, it’s their world preview here at the Orchid Show.

By working with these fantastic hybridizers, some we have been working with for over 12 years, we have the ability to display the usual range of orchids as well as the latest in orchid breeding.

For example, take these Phaleanopsis, bred by a well-known Florida breeder who specializes in unusual colors and patterns of Phaleanopsis. He has created colors and patterns that didn’t exist even five years ago. Now these hybrids will be propagated in mass, so they will be available to the home gardener.

At the end of the show, the best-of-the-best gets incorporated into our collection. Comprised of approximately 7,000 specimens, the orchid collection at the New York Botanical Garden is one of the largest institutional orchid collections in the world.


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