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The In-between Weather Season

Gail Barnard has done quite well with her garden during the strange inbetween-weather season!

"It's somewhere between springtime and early summer here in Oregon where the weather has vacillated from hot to cool rain over the past two months. Consequently, a lot has bloomed and is growing rapidly. This garden has been a labor of love…the house and garden were rundown from being a rental 9 years ago when we adopted them. We are back to a state park and have nature all around us."

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  1. grannieannie1 05/23/2016

    Lots to study here! Your grasses and artistry with textures are wonderful! Thank you for posting the results of your hard work.

  2. frankgreenhalgh 05/23/2016

    The garden is obviously in good hands now. Congratulations on a lovely garden in a nice setting.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/23/2016

    The generous repetitions of Japanese Forest grass are pops of perfection and I'll bet they are particularly appealing in a gentle breeze...practically coming alive with little movements and rustling sounds. Your setting is lovely, Gail, and it's so nice that a hard working visionary such as yourself took it on as labor of love.

    1. diane_lasauce 05/23/2016

      I could not comment more succinctly. Much work to keep this garden going, and kudos for the adoption Gail. Diane

    2. frankgreenhalgh 05/23/2016

      Hi Michaele - Nice word smithing - 'pops of perfection'. Did you write poetry at some stage?

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 05/23/2016

        Truth be told, Frank, I've more often been one of those people who scratches her head at poetry and feels like it's more work than it's worth (to me). It's limiting...but, then again, that's the art and challenge of it. I do recognize I'm a wordy so and so and I love how the right combination of words can conjure up an image that can make the real thing seem even more alive and interesting. Ok, here's a secret confession (ha, yes, I know the humor in that)...anyway, the one time I laid claim to authorship of a poem, it was really written to my college roommate by her boyfriend. I liked it so much that I copied it and tucked it away. I came across it many years later and resurrected it as my own original work and gave it to my husband while we were dating. I wanted him to think I was "sensitive" and artistic.

        1. frankgreenhalgh 05/23/2016

          Well, well, well what a fascinating story, Michaele! You are certainly not a 'wordy so and so' - on the contrary, you have the unique ability to use words to create images that make readers feel like they are actually in the featured gardens. However, plagiarism is a different kettle of fish - but it did work in securing your husband!
          Keep up your absolutely great comments on the gardens in the Fine Gardening blog.

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 05/23/2016

            Thanks for the smiles, Frank and letting me off the hook for being considered a tad wordy. One of the things I so enjoy about our gpod family is that many seem as gifted in cultivating their garden of words and images as well as their swaths of plants. It's really a lovely oasis of positivity.

        2. greengenes 05/23/2016

          We enjoy your words and wit Michaele!

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 05/23/2016

            Thank you, Jeanne. We're all members in good standing of the gpod mutual admiration society.

  4. user-4691082 05/23/2016

    Hi Gail,
    Your garden is so lush, I want to have all that hakonechloa grass! You must have a lot of shade. You have done a remarkable job in only 9 years...thanks for sharing!

  5. arthurb3 05/23/2016

    Beautiful !

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/23/2016

    So many great plants in a beautiful setting. I do love the repetition of colors and the exuberant exclamations of color. Is that a big stand of Impatiens omeana in the second photo on the right? Mine barely survives at the edge of its hardiness, but I love it. Beschorneria bloom spike in photo ? So cool. Has it bloomed for you before?

    1. gailbarnard 05/25/2016

      Yes the big stand is the Hardy Impatien and this is the very first time the Beschorneria has bloomed! We're having incredible weather here in Oregon!

  7. cheryl_c 05/23/2016

    I love the way you mix cool colors together, then put just a little pop of heat in them. And, perhaps it is just my 'purple eye' but it seems there are plum undertones wherever I look- sometimes combined with cool colors, sometimes with hot colors! Love that deep plum foliage for how well it plays with nearly all colors.

  8. sheila_schultz 05/23/2016

    Now that's one, very happy garden! Your loving care is obvious with each and every blade of grass! Beautifully done Gail!

  9. VikkiVA 05/23/2016

    Your garden looks like an enchanted forest with a surprise at every turn. I love all the variety especially the colorful grasses. Vikki in VA

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 05/23/2016

    Gail, I was just reading an article about " healing walks" offered at Bloedel Coservatory on Bainbridge Is. and seeing your photos makes me think that one could definitely get a sense of well being going through your park-like garden. Those Hakonechloa grasses, one of my favorites, really tie things together and give such a lush feel.I'm curious if that beautiful chartreuse tree in the 4th picture is a Full Moon Maple. It adds such light along that path and just invites one to sit in that red chair. Thanks for sharing. You've given me hope that our 4 yr old reno garden has potential.

    1. gailbarnard 05/25/2016

      The tree is a Psudoacacia Robinia of my favorites!

      1. User avater
        LindaonWhidbey 05/26/2016

        Thanks, Gail. That's a new one for me but it wouldn't have been hardy where I've gardened for most of my life( zone 4/5) so maybe that's why. Have you had any issues with it being invasive as some people have reported? Linda

  11. Clarkpark 05/23/2016

    Gail, my favorite photo is the fourth; you have demonstrated the art of "layering plant material" to perfection! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden!??

  12. greengenes 05/23/2016

    Gail! This is awesome that you finally are being shown! Your taste, planting arrangements and style make this one of the best! Have fun!

  13. GrannyMay 05/23/2016

    Beautifully done, Gail! Favourite photo number 3 is a great example of what I love to see in gardens, lush with new growth, shades of greens, shapes and textures, with contrasts and fun accents.

  14. perenniallycrazy 05/23/2016

    Every photo hear just confirms how much love has gone into your garden Gail. I can't even pick a favorite. There is a perfectly charming quality in your gardening design style that is expressed in each vignette here. I would love to see more!

  15. user-7007498 05/24/2016

    Gail: Love the pictures. Great examples of layering in the garden. Love your design.

    1. ashley1414 05/26/2016

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