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Susan’s Hostas in Arkansas, Day 3

Hosta ‘St. Paul’

Today is the last day of Hostas from Susan Strong in Arkansas! In case you missed the other two days, see them here and here.

"We’ve had a wet spring here in NW Arkansas and my plants are flourishing.  I love shade gardens and hostas are my favorite shade plant.  Many that I’ve planted over the past four years are filling out and finally reaching maturity.   While some hostas are stars, others play supporting roles; however, all are wonderful.  Here are some of my favorites."

Keep sending in photos, everyone! Whether you've never shared before or you've been featured multiple times, we want to see your garden! Email a few photos and a little info about your garden to [email protected].

Hosta ‘Blue Ivory’

Hosta ‘Pure Heart’ in foreground, Hosta ‘Revolution’ on right peeking out from behind Blue Star Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’

Hosta ‘Fire & Ice’ line the front walk

Hosta ‘Grand Tiara’ on right and ‘Blue Ivory’ on left

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  1. perenniallycrazy 05/22/2015

    I see you saved the best for last Susan! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed all your garden photos. Please return with more summer photos.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/22/2015

    It looks like you have such a such beautiful and well cared for garden, Susan...those are some very lucky hostas that have been "invited" by you to take up residence. I think my favorite from today's featured ones is St. Paul. I just love that tone of green that verges on chartreuse esp. when it is banded by the deeper bluish green color. I would imagine it has Paul's Glory as one of its parents.

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Meander! - Shame on me! It is 'Paul's Glory' and I mistakenly said 'St Paul'. I have a 'St Paul', also, but the markings in the center are different. The center of my 'Paul's Glory' remains that apple green and doesn't turn chartreuse like many of the catalog pictures. It gets no direct sunlight, so that may explain. The 'St Paul' does get some morning sun and it's center markings are chartreuse and even yellow.

  3. user-4691082 05/22/2015

    I just love your gardens! I really love all of the stone edging. Everything is so clean and crisp! I have the same landscape lighting which really takes the evening garden to new levels. I will keep your photos for hosta reference... Thanks for sharing!

  4. terieLR 05/22/2015

    Such a perfect time of the season to feature fresh, vivid hosta! Your variety makes me want to start all over and replace a few of the oldies. Hey, have you experienced fading of the colors as the season continues, or as the years pass? It seems in years gone-by my colors were much brighter. Perhaps I need to feed them? Change location?
    Thank you for taking the time to identify and send in so many lovely photos Susan.
    GPOD Susan: Welcome and thank you for adopting this HUGE family of enthusiast!

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Terie - I have only been gardening in NW Arkansas for four years, so none of my hostas are older than that. Most are 2-3 years old. I did notice fading in my 'Guardian Angle' hostas. They had beautiful markings when I planted them three years ago and now they are very drab. One, however, was damaged last spring and i transplanted what little was left of it to a new location and, although it is still small, it has the lovely markings it had when I bought it! The change of location may be the reason for the return to its original coloration. I think I will transplant another to see if that works. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. Meelianthus 05/22/2015

      The hostas that fade are usually telling you that they want more shade. Some are more sensitive than others. A sprinkling of a nice organic fertilizer in early Spring will help them become more robust.

      1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

        Thank you Meelianthus - I'll bet that's the answer. The 'Guardian Angel' that I moved is in a shadier spot than the original two. I'm going to move one of the original two this afternoon and see what happens.

      2. terieLR 05/22/2015

        Thank you. I am motivated to show them off now!

    3. User avater
      meander_michaele 05/22/2015

      Hi, Terie, hope you don't mind me touching base with you to share a picture. Remember when you posted a number of photos showcasing some of your clematis? Anyway, I was so taken with one that showed a lovely blue one that just seemed to be gracing a tree trunk like a flower cloud. I wanted to try to get one to "climb" a tall pine tree and, so, this is how it looked this year. I figure it's a start... and maybe in a few years, it will be fuller and more lush like yours.

      1. terieLR 05/22/2015

        Oh Mike, this is stunning! I adore the butterfly helpers. Thank you, thank you for showing me the results of inspiration from years ago! We had to have the ash tree removed that was pictured in past posts BUT it transplanted well and this year is promising to be a show off once again. I will post a picture for you in a the next couple weeks when all these little blooms pop open. Yesterday I caught this chipmunk pondering beneath it. ?
        My best to you.

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 05/22/2015

          Oh, my...what an adorable photo capture...looks like he's practicing his balance on a ball circus act! And, yes, I see all those buds getting ready to pop...I'm sure you can't wait for the show to begin.

  5. User avater
    HelloFromMD 05/22/2015

    Hi Susan, I echo Diane's question. How do you handle slugs? Especially since your gardens are neatly mulched. I have stopped using mulch around the hostas so the slugs can't hide under it. But that leads to a lot of weeds so help with some ideas!

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      HellofromMD - My 'mulch' is actually compost, so perhaps that is the difference. There aren't air spaces in the compost like there are in mulch, plus it helps keep down the weeds and doesn't need removal when spent like wood mulch.

    2. Meelianthus 05/22/2015

      A layer of coffee grounds around the base of the hosta will help deter slugs. Starbucks almost always has old grounds bagged up sitting in their stores for the taking.

  6. annek 05/22/2015

    Gorgeous. Your hostas are so well maintained with perfect leaves! How do you do it?

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Annek - I may just be lucky, but I think the key ingredient is compost. I lay a new layer of compost every spring.

  7. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/22/2015

    Susan, today I am crazy about Blue Ivory. That broad, white border has got to be a huge scene stealer! Have a great gardening weekend everyone!

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Tim - 'Blue Ivory' is one of my favorites, too. 'Grand Tiara' (in the last picture with 'Blue Ivory') is an even greater scene stealer. The borders are deep yellow, not white. The picture doesn't do it justice.

  8. thevioletfern 05/22/2015

    Wow, that Blue Ivory is wooing me! I thought I was into the limey chartreusy Hostas but not anymore! Just beautiful - all.

  9. digginWA 05/22/2015

    Blue Ivory for the win!

  10. foxglove12 05/22/2015

    Love the variegated ones. The blue ivory is amazing.

  11. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

    Diane - I haven't used anything for slugs. Occasionally, I see where there's been a little "munching"; however, not enough to need any slug killer. If I were going to try something, I think I would set out shallow dishes of beer. Supposedly, they are attracted to beer, but drown in it. I did have one bed covered with Creeping Jenny where I lost two hostas, so I have planted other things there. Surprisingly, the one remaining hosta in that bed is fine.

  12. user-7007327 05/22/2015

    Hosta haven. Beautiful.

  13. user-7007140 05/22/2015

    Such a treat to visit your garden again. I am a little puzzled about the Fire and Ice hosta as one I purchased a couple of years ago with that name is pale chartreuse! Labels mixed up?
    Love them all.

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Eddi - I've bought plants with incorrect labels, too. It's frustrating trying to identify the plants after-the-fact. - especially hostas because so many look alike! But, that doesn't mean we love our "mystery varieties" any less. :-)

  14. user-7007140 05/22/2015

    Just googled the image - yours is definitely Fire and Ice! Now what do you suppose I have? It's beautiful whatever its name happens to be.

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Fire and Ice is a showstopper, so you definitely need to add it to your collection. If you have a hosta expert near you, take a good picture to him/her and perhaps he/she will be able to identify your mislabeled plant for you. I took a photo of a hosta I received as a gift that was labeled 'Paul's Glory'. I loved the plant, but knew it was not 'Paul's Glory'. Yesterday I took the photo to a nursery with a hosta demonstration garden and the owner help me find it - 'Dream Weaver'. Mystery solved! Check to see if there is a hosta society in your area. They are very common and a great source of information.

      1. user-7007140 05/24/2015

        Thank you Susan - it used never to bother me about names - now I'm frustrated. Do you think I'm becoming a real gardener at last!
        I'm certainly intrigued enough to find out more. Fun.
        Thank you for your kind reply. Have a wonderful

  15. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

    I apologize for not responding to yesterday's comments, but I did not receive the Day 2 post. I will access it from the link above and respond now.

  16. sheila_schultz 05/22/2015

    I feel like I've been leafing through the pages of a specialty nursery featuring Hosta's for the last few days. You are quite the 'grower' Susan, I feel like I'm in Hosta Heaven... Thanks! BTW, Blue Ivory is my fave today ;)

  17. GrannyMay 05/22/2015

    Blue Ivory and St. Paul - today's picks. Thanks Susan!

  18. GrannyCC 05/22/2015

    Thanks for the Hosta fix Susan. They all look so wonderful and healthy.

  19. schatzi 05/22/2015

    Gorgeous hostas. My current favorite is Fire and Ice.

  20. GracePeterson 05/22/2015

    Beautiful garden, Susan. I think I need a few more hostas in mine. :)

  21. Nurserynotnordstroms 05/22/2015

    Beautiful collection,it's stunning Susan. My favorite is Saint Paul. Gorgeous indeed. I didn't get day two either?

    1. NWAgardener 05/22/2015

      Before you run out and buy one, it's actually 'Paul's Glory'. I have a 'St Paul' (spot of 'Paul's Glory' and also beautiful), but the one in the picture is 'Paul's Glory'. It's been in the ground for four years, so it's mature now and elegant.

  22. Cenepk10 05/31/2015

    Hosta Heaven. I'm jealous ! I just love them. Lost a dozen to the voles.

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