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Snowy Chanticleer in April

The “Ruin” garden

Springtime at Chanticleer. What??? Kevin Kelly shared his unexpected visit with us. Enjoy the photos from your nice warm home!

"I had a planned visit to Chanticleer in Wayne, PA (just west of Philadelphia) on Sunday, April 10th. Chanticleer is a must-see garden and has had a number of books written about it. The garden has a very informal style. Each of the full time gardeners are responsible for a section of the property. They are permitted to make significant changes from year to year and are very competitive with each other in creating captivating designs. The garden just opened for the season a week ago. While I wasn’t expecting the snow the day before, Sunday was sunny which helped to “warm” the air up to 34 degrees when I arrived at 11AM. By the way, we are expecting to reach 70 degrees next weekend. Such is spring in the Northeast. Hope you enjoy the pictures."

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  1. diane_lasauce 04/20/2016

    Does anyone know the name of the plant in the first photo? I do believe spring is finally here in the east...89F this week in central VA!

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/20/2016

      Hi Diane. There's a lot of shrubs in the opening photo. Do you mean the Agave in photo 2? It looks like Agave americana, but there are a lot of Agave with a similar form that aren't terribly distinctive.

      1. diane_lasauce 04/21/2016

        Yes Tim...the prominent agave...

    2. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      I am assuming you are talking about the large agave. The pot it is in is about 3 feet tall and at least 30 inches wide. They had just moved it out into the landscape from its winter home. I was suprised they didn't cover it for the cold snap, as they had all the staff covering certain plants and containers the day before. I am not sure of the cultivar.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/20/2016

        A lot of agaves can take short periods of temps in the low 20's, so hopefully this one sailed through unharmed. Certainly looks like it did.

      2. diane_lasauce 04/21/2016

        Yes Kevin...the Agave...too bad, I hoped it could winter over outdoors...rats.

        1. user-7007498 04/21/2016

          I know. I would love to grow them outdoors, but not in 6b. I do have 2 that I bring inside over the winter. Neither is very large. One I put in a rock garden, and dig it up and put it in a pot the last 2 years. The other stays in a pot year round.

  2. user-3565112 04/20/2016

    Hopefully this is the last we'll see of snow this spring. You had a lot of plants blooming early in your garden several weeks ago. Did this knock them back ? Thank you for the photos , To me, ruins are fascinating. Good luck, Joe

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      Amazingly, the snow caused no problems with any of my plants in bloom.
      Here is a picture from my front yard on Saturday morning, April 9th, as I was about to leave for work. The snow was gone by Monday.

  3. NCYarden 04/20/2016

    Very cool. I think I will make an effort to go visit next time we're up in Harrisburg to visit Christine's family. This would be a great get away for the day. Though I am glad now that winter is behind us, I do like the snow backdrop and accents - not something I get to see often mixed with Spring color. Thanks for sharing.

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      Thanks. Chanticleer is my inspiration garden. I try to get there 4-5 times a year.

  4. wGardens 04/20/2016

    Wonderful photos, Kevin! I think I'd better plan a trip this year! The unexpected snow was perfect for your photography skills! Lovely!

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      Thanks. As you have seen over the past year with my posts, I love photography. (Just not as much as gardening). The snow was a great opportunity since Chanticleer is closed to the public in the winter.

  5. Quiltingmamma 04/20/2016

    Ah, the resiliency of Spring. One day I will get to that 'Gardens of SE Pen and Delaware' trip of mine. Lovely photos...thanks!

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      Thanks. We have been in the 70's with clear blue skies for the past 5 days. Spring is fun.

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/20/2016

    Thanks, Kevin. Great photos. Having a similar climate to you, I actually really love a late, warm snow with spring flowers. (Ok so these late snows we had this year were stupid-cold!) I love the muscari hanging out of the metal chain/bucket things. Great idea for spring.

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      Spring snows certainly creates cool photo opportunities. It is also nice knowing that you don't have to shovel it, just let Mother Nature melt it away in a few days.

      Isn't that muscari so cool. I hadn't seen that before. I loved the idea.

  7. PeonyFan 04/20/2016

    Thanks for these wonderful photos! I especially love the Pieris florabunda wearing its cap of snow.

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      That Pieris was about 5 feet tall, and looked so cool in the snow.

  8. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 04/20/2016

    Great photos, Kevin. This garden has been on the must see list for awhile. I'm glad that you waited until today to post these since we arrived last night in the sort of NE ( Montreal) just in time to take advantage of the warming trend. While there is something special about seeing those spring flowers in the snow, I'm okay with just seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      Thanks. Chanticleer is my inspiration garden, and I get there often (about a 90 minute drive for me). It is a spectacular garden.

      I had sent the photos the day after the snow. I wasn't sure if Susan was going to post them, since I hadn't seen them in over a week. (I thought I might be wearing out my welcome with my frequent posts-but I love photography in addition to gardening). It was a surprise to see them today.

      Susan does such a great job with this blog. I love the interaction with many great gardeners. I would love to visit many of the posters gardens in the future.

      1. User avater
        LindaonWhidbey 04/21/2016

        Kevin, I totally agree that half the fun of gardening is photographing your garden and sharing it with others. Visiting everyone's gardens on this site would be a dream but in the meantime, keep sharing your great photos.

  9. GrannyMay 04/20/2016

    Lovely photos! Thanks, Kevin!

  10. sheila_schultz 04/20/2016

    Great shots, Kevin! That's a very cool water feature... thanks!

    1. user-7007498 04/20/2016

      The water feature is in the "ruin garden". The faces that peer out of the water sometimes look a bit creepy.

      1. sheila_schultz 04/20/2016

        I like creepy!

  11. Meelianthus 04/20/2016

    Such strange weather in the NE and great photos Kevin. A very interesting sounding garden. Is it an old estate garden? looks amazing and amazingly creepy waterfall ! Your yard under Spring snow is a beautiful site, bet that surprised you.

    1. user-7007498 04/21/2016

      The property was purchased and the houses built in 1913 by the Rosengarten's, who made money as a pharmaceutical firm in Philadelphia, which was eventually sold to Merck. This was their summer home. The family lived there until 1990, when it was put into a trust for public use. The garden opened in 1993. It is truly a special place and belongs on any gardeners bucket list.

  12. user-4691082 04/20/2016

    Great pictures Kevin! I've been there but never with snow on the ground! Your pictures are rare in that it's not open in the winter! Thanks for the rare perspective !

    1. user-7007498 04/21/2016

      It was fun in the snow. Interestingly, everyone else who visited the garden that day were also running around with cameras.

  13. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/20/2016

    Hi, Kevin, I'm sitting in the Minneapolis airport on the verge of heading home to my own gardens. Your pictures are like a pacifier for this cranky baby who needs to get back to digging in the dirt. I adore chanticleer so you can never share too many pictures. Thanks for the garden fix.

    1. user-7007498 04/21/2016

      Thanks. With the warmer temperatures this week, I have spent every available moment after work in the garden. This is such a great time. I am energized by the return of spring and enjoy critically looking at the garden for ways to improve the overall design and the ways the plants interact with each other. I am in garden bliss.

  14. Jay_Sifford 04/21/2016

    I enjoyed the photos, Kevin. I'll be there one week from today. I make an annual trek to the Philly area to visit family.

  15. janeeliz 04/25/2016

    Thanks you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of Chanticleer. It is my favorite garden. My family and I were not able to visit it this year as it is closed on Mon. and Tues. We went to Longwoods, instead, but really missed seeing spring at Chanticleer.You have made our day!!!! And in the snow , no less.!!!!!!.. I never thought I'd get to see that! Thank you, thank you, Kevin!!!

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