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Container Plant Relocation

relocating plants

I’m obnoxiously sentimental about my container plants. For plants in the ground, I have a love ‘em and leave ‘em mentality. Well, not quite, but I suffer slightly less anxiety over leaving them behind in a move. So when I relocated from California to Connecticut to join the editorial staff at Fine Gardening last month, my potted plants were definitely coming along for the ride. How did I move them from coast to coast? In a U-Haul safely nestled in various sized tubs and bins that provided protection and served as a catch basin for water. Here’s what I did:


I left sufficient space for my plants at the back of the truck for easy accessibility. Then I placed each container of plants (or a few together) in large plastic tubs and used bubble wrap between the pots and the plastic moving tubs to keep them in place. I loaded the plants into the truck keeping them close together to reduce movement and tied them in securely with rope. As a final touch, I placed an empty watering can by the truck door so I could water on the road.

In Route

Each time I stopped to re-fuel, I opened the truck door to allow air circulation and to check on the plants condition. I watered as needed by filling my watering can up at gas stations that provided a public water source.

New Home

I unload my plants in a cool shaded area at our new home. The move slightly stressed my plants, so I allowed them (and myself) some time to rebound.

All my container plants and I have now successfully acclimated to our new home in Connecticut.

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