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Peach’s garden in Pennsylvania

My hubby also built our shed 8 years ago with ship lapped popular from York Co., PA, a door from an antique shop, and windows from a yard sale.  In the foreground, you see 'Halcyon' hosta, fleece flower (that really took off), and spiderwort blooming.  Beyond that is the scotch broom in bloom.  On the top left is the female acuba that gets red berries.  The small garbage can holds my extra mini-nuggets and the old shopping cart comes in handy to haul around nuggets, my plants, or trimmings. 

Today's photos are from Peach Michael, who says, "My hubby, Rick, and I live in the borough of Millersburg, Pennsylvania, in USDA Hardiness Zone 6. We have a .16-acre lot. Since we don’t have much space, we make the most of it. We do the square foot method of gardening. We’ve been here for 35 years, but didn’t completely landscape the yard until our 3 kids grew up. Before that it was their playground. We have mostly shade. I love hostas, and have about 18 varieties. We have slate and brick walkways throughout." Peach (awesome name!), this garden looks so timeless and shadowy, full of secrets in such a wonderful way! I love it! And I'm a huge fan of bits of salvaged metal…..we are kindred spirits.

For those of you attending the Northwest Flower & Garden Show this week, we'll meet for drinks and revelry in the lobby bar of the Sheraton right after my talk at 3:15 on Wednesday! Maybe 4:30? I'll be the one holding nametags and a pen….and please forgive me in advance. I am HORRIBLE with names….but I can't wait til we all get to meet in person!

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There are several sassafras trees that found their way into our yard. If something makes itself at home on it's own, I usually let it be. This is where we eat most meals during the summer.

In addition to perennials, I love “yart” (yard art, a word coined by our daughter, Megan). Most of the yart is flea market finds, or dug out of someone’s trash.  The bush at the top left is a Pieris.  A wrought iron baby crib  (15 bucks!) frames the bed of Jacob’s ladder, red trillium, 'June' hosta, archangel, bloodroot, dwarf iris, and some Lenton rose. Along the wooden fence my hubby Rick built, is 'St. Elmos Fire' and elegans hosta, black cohosh,  and a male acuba (evergreen). Pachysandra finds it’s way around everything.  Brunnera and sweet woodruff are finding their way into the slate.

I never met a hosta or fern I didn't like. I lost a few hostas from the harsh winter, which surprises me. I always said, "You can't kill hosta!" I was wrong.

Rick cleans out the fountain twice a summer. That thing to the left of the fountain, under the bowl, is a light we got at a flea market. Rick had to re-wire it. It comes on at dusk.

There should be a huge hosta on the right, between these two. I wonder if it might come back next year?

I had a few extra begonias left over from my hanging baskets on the porch so I potted some.

We do keep the bamboo in check, or it would take over. It gives us a little privacy from the building next door. 

We lost half of our Scotch Broom, but it doesn't look too bad. There's my shopping cart again.

I scavenged that piece of metal at the top from a scrap pile.

There's an old bicycle with a basket of pansies hidden in this area! Pansies and begonias for my hanging porch baskets are the only annuals I buy. I saw a bumper sticker once that said, "Friends don't let friends buy annuals."

We have a huge Carolina ash that gives us much shade.  We have other trees, too. In the center of the photo, behind the fountain, is a corkscrew willow.  On the right is a weeping cherry, and the leaves you see on the top left is a weeping river birch.  Around the fountain is remember me and first mate hostas, shredded umbrella plants, ivy, and solomon seal.  The brick for the walk ways was scavenged around town.  When someone would take up a sidewalk, I was there with my wheel barrow or van.

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  1. user-1020932 02/06/2015

    Peach, you have created a great backyard space. i, too, love all rusty things in the garden and have probably too many. your layering and creating an outdoor dining space really enlarges your space. not sure i could keep ahead of the bamboo but i like the look of the canes in the garden!

  2. Nurserynotnordstroms 02/06/2015

    Peach your gardens are the kind I need to go around at least twice if not three times (when we do garden tours)to see everything. I love all of your doodads and whatnots.Your potted begonia is to die for I LOVE it LOVE it love it. I expanded every little inch of your photos,so very enjoyable thank you for sharing your fun space with all of us and I too love ferns can't ever have to many can we?Is that a metal mermaid in the last picture on the table next to the bench?where did you find her?oh and the mattress springs you have hung tools on very clever, I always love the back stories to little garden treasures.

  3. user-7007382 02/07/2015

    Peach, You have done a great gob with a small space. Shade gardens are my favorite. Hostas and ferns on top of my list.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/08/2015

    Ok, just gotta' say it... you, Peach, are a gardening magician! You turn other people's throwaways into delightful yard treasures. You seem to have endless room... as if .16 acre doesn't mean what I think it does. Your plants all look so healthy and happy that they are part of your special welcoming world. And, wow, the leaves of that volunteer sassafras tree are positively luminous and so surprisingly sure found the right place to seed itself and grow.

  5. Spring_y 02/09/2015

    Simply delightful. I love as every corner has something tucked in.

  6. wGardens 02/09/2015

    Absolutely wonderful! I love it! Great selections of plant material and oh-so-marvelous ...all your yart! Must look at the photos many times. MANY! That begonia ...oh! Must find those! And those brick pathways... ooh. GREAT job, thank you for sharing!!! MUCH enjoyed.

  7. jagardener 02/09/2015

    Wow! so much to see in such a small space. Love the yart, Good Job.

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 02/09/2015

    Truly so many great things to look at in your garden! I think my absolute favorite is the mounted bed spring. Priceless!

  9. annek 02/09/2015

    What creative surprises are hidden in your charming shade garden. It is quite eclectic yet you've pulled everything together with aplomb and in such a pleasing way! Your garden shed that hubby built with repurposed items looks to be nestled into your yard so comfortably. I will have to go back to pore over your photographs a few more times just so I don't miss any of the magic!

  10. buckgardeners 02/09/2015

    Peach, now I want a shopping cart too! I love your garden, and your yart, and that garden shed, and that moss covered trough, and.... Want!!! Beautiful.

  11. greengenes 02/09/2015

    What a peach of a garden! Its all so lovely and green! What are the "extra mini nuggets?" I really enjoy rusty things and the name "yart" that your daughter came up with is great! I will be using that word for sure. It is a magical space that you have created. I so love the little shed and how it was created from different pieces. Beautiful! Thanks for showing us your space of green!

  12. betsycarrsullivan 02/09/2015

    Hi Peach, Love your name and your garden. So many special spots to check out. I had to look them over several times. You must enjoy it all very much. Thank you for sharing!

  13. hontell 02/09/2015

    spellbound and seduced, love everything about your garden!!

  14. GrannyMay 02/09/2015

    Wow!! Your yart leaves me speechless.

  15. digginWA 02/09/2015

    What a wonderful, personal space! It has the patina that comes with years of collecting plants and things, and I'm so glad you shared it today. It's given me inspiration for my own bit of shade garden.

  16. wittyone 02/09/2015

    Oh, Peach, I just love this! It is my kind of garden. Lots of things to look at. The grocery cart is a wonderful idea. I have a little red wagon but tallish things have a tendency to fall over and out, I might just have to thief one from the grocery store. I always like gardens that are put together by the people who live there and love, love, love yart (what a perfect name for it!). It gives so much personality to a garden and speaks of the gardener's ingenuity and love for what they do.

  17. willysmom 02/09/2015

    Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful garden - what a relief to see it as the snow comes down here (again: we have over three feet on the ground already). I love shade gardens (maybe because I have mostly sun!) and I especially love those where things have been "let be". Everything looks so healthy and happy (especially that giant trillium!) - congratulations and thanks again - you've made my gardening day!

  18. GrannyCC 02/09/2015

    Love all the yart! A garden to explore and delight in all the different areas.

  19. hostamom 02/09/2015

    Love your hostas. Hosta June is my alltime favorite. When were the photos taken? This past fall? Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. perenniallycrazy 02/09/2015

    Peach, your vintage shade garden is absolutely charming and delightful! Each vignette offers so much interest- it's like playing Where's Waldo? I love it that your daughter took/takes interest in your garden and coined the term "yart" for it. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven on earth with us.

  21. asbjrntshyld 02/09/2015

    It looks like a wonderful garden, I would love to have a capuchino in the shade.

  22. user-7007327 02/10/2015

    Love the abundance of green and wonderful, imaginative yart.

  23. GrannyMay 02/10/2015

    Peach, I was truly speechless when I first looked at your pictures. Having had some time to put my thoughts into words, I first want to say "Congratulations!" Good for you and your hubby for following your own wishes and interests and making this space definitely your own and no-one else's. It is very appealing to me, not necessarily because it reflects what I would do, but because it is true to your philosophy and your needs. I feel very strongly about making your home and your garden suit yourself, not doing something for future resale or just following current fashion or trends, or anyone else's ideas of what is right. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  24. user-7007140 02/11/2015

    Rust, rust and more rust! I Love Rusty Yart. And I love old gardens with MOSS, and nooks and crannies and places to plop down and old bricks and,and, and....... Marvelous, thank you.

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