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Part 2: Ethereal Beauty Across the Pond

By: Kim Charles

We return with Part 2 of the English garden, that Istvan Dudas has so stunningly taken under his wing.

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  1. brian_mazzer 08/22/2017

    What a gorgeous garden you have created.I'm very jealous. I wish we had your rainfall and cool climate here in Australia.Well done.

  2. petebloom 08/22/2017

    hi Istvan,

    I'd love to stroll in your garden, then sit at your outdoor table amidst the beauty of it all and enjoy wine and cheese, or anything. Thank you for stimulating my imagination.

  3. Quiltingmamma 08/22/2017

    Wow, these are even better than yesterday's great photos. I can see some subtle modernity in your borders and I like them. Lovely. I'd like to ask what the plant is in the 5th photo behind the yellow yarrow? The airy long stemmed one with some purple blooms? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chris_N 08/22/2017

      Looks like tall verbena, Verbena bonariensis. It's an tender perennial but reseeds reliably in my zone 5 Wisconsin garden.

      1. Quiltingmamma 08/22/2017

        Thanks Chris. Looks about right. I had it one year and it was great, but I think we may need to treat it as an annual in Ottawa. I haven't seen it again, but if I have the name I can ask for it. I'll try the self seeding too.

        1. sheila_schultz 08/22/2017

          Verbena bonariensis reseeded easily in my Denver gardens. I planted 2-3 plants 10-12 years ago and it has popped up in the most unexpected places ever since! I love that plant!

          1. grannieannie1 08/22/2017

            As an experiment I winter sowed Verbena Bonariensis seeds this past January in a milk jug left outside, and by March they had germinated! (The seeds like darkness to germinate.) They did spectacularly when transplanted outside around April and are blooming heavily. The stems are so stiff they need no support. Also, seed I just threw around on the ground has done well (zone 6 Delaware). Butterflies adore this flower.

          2. Quiltingmamma 08/22/2017

            Thanks for the extra details. Ottawa is about a US 3-4 so a little chilly, but I am more than happy to plant annually if I can get a ready supply. I tend to leave seed heads over winter, so maybe if I am rigorous in my spreading, I can get some to reseed.

          3. sheila_schultz 08/22/2017

            Until we moved to Mexico this year I've always lived in 5a or 5b... their wildness and strength of stem makes them such interesting plants, you won't loose anything to give them a try! If they don't reseed, you haven't lost a thing, I'm sure they would be happy annuals! FYI, they were sold as annuals in Denver!

          4. sheila_schultz 08/22/2017

            In the beginning I finger shredded and tossed the dried seed heads to see what would happen... VB everywhere the following spring, so I did it again! That was the last time I even bothered, but I admit to spreading the wealth as I took my dog on walks!!!

  4. grannieannie1 08/22/2017

    Thank you, Istvan. I've been struggling about what to place by what and how much is needed of each plant to avoid a garden mishmash and your photos have given the needed guidance. I'd like to know which variety of salvia you recommend.

  5. NCYarden 08/22/2017

    Visually captivating. My eyes just dance around each image. What a great garden to responsible for.

  6. user-7007498 08/22/2017

    Great job. What a gorgeous garden. I am glad we got 2 days to enjoy your work. How I would love to visit this garden. Thanks.

  7. tennisluv 08/22/2017

    Every bit as yummy as yesterday's treat. Your mixing of bloom shapes and colors, textures, grasses among the flowers, airy, see thrus with more solid plants, wild with tame, chaos with order, and colors layered on colors is a true delight to the senses. I want to reach out, touch, smell, and just absorb. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

  8. Vespasian 08/22/2017

    Just as beautiful as yesterday's shots if not more so, wonderful. Truly a labor of love!

  9. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/22/2017

    What a truly exceptional perennial display. Even though, nowadays, things are only a click away to bring back for reseeing, I, nevertheless, wish I had a photographic memory so I could imprint these pictures on my mind for all the reasons Sonya just wrote.

  10. Chris_N 08/22/2017

    Two days in a row of a wonderful garden. Thanks for sharing, Istvan.

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/22/2017

    Layers of colors and textures! Beautiful. Love your use of Hordeum jubatum. It is a beautiful weed along highways where I grew up.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 08/22/2017

      Leave it to you, Tim, to answer the question I forgot to even ask. I was wondering about the identification of that grass. It reminded me somewhat of Mexican feather grass but I knew that wasn't really it. I wonder if it is considered invasive in the UK?

      1. sheila_schultz 08/22/2017

        I'm with you, Mike, I love that 'Hordeum jubatum!
        PS I've never heard the name of that grass before... ever! Leave it to our Tim!

  12. Sunshine111 08/22/2017

    There is a lot of vibrant energy in your garden!

  13. Doxnmomx2 08/22/2017

    Absolutely stunning! Love every single photo and plant! Please keep sharing through the seasons.

  14. istvandudas 08/22/2017

    Hi everyone. I apologise for not answering to your comments but I just got back from holiday and I'm very busy at the moment.
    Thank you very much for your kind comments, I really apreciate it! I'll I will reply to all of you. Thank you Istvan Dudas

  15. sheila_schultz 08/22/2017

    Your gardens allow the imagination to soar, Istvan. You have created gardens that are dreamlike in their wild but thoughtful design. What I wouldn't give to work and learn by your side.

  16. hontell 08/22/2017

    Istvan, the gardens are incredible, but your photography is even more amazing. Thank you for inspiring us two days in a row.

  17. cyannenglandproodian 08/22/2017

    This garden beckons all who want to take in the inviting plant combinations. Purple, yes LOTS of purple. This makes me long for a climate that would support this kind of splendor.

  18. digginWA 08/22/2017

    Oh, to wander these paths ...

  19. user-6536305 08/22/2017

    It is so vibrant and colorful. Your employer is so luck to have you as a gardener. Thanks again for sharing.

  20. user-7008735 08/22/2017

    Absolutely lovely, Istvan! You are lucky to have the space to plant such grand swathes of colour and textural contrast in your garden art. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  21. greengenes 08/23/2017

    What a wonderful garden! What a wonderful job!

  22. perenniallycrazy 08/24/2017

    I love your plant combinations. They are so thoughtful and gorgeous across many angles. I hope to see more of your garden(s) through the seasons. Thanks for sharing your art and passion with us these last 2 days.

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