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Lost in the bamboo

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Here are a couple of serene scenes from the bamboo garden at Matterhorn Nursery in New York. Stay tuned tomorrow for the winner of the New Year’s gardening resolutions drawing from yesterday!

2 WAYS TO ENLARGE!Click directly on the photo to enlarge in a pop-up, or click HERE to see this image, larger, in a new browser window.
Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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  1. plantfever 01/03/2012

    What a beautiful "living wall"!! Happy New Year!!

  2. artmakertoo 01/03/2012

    It would be helpful if this (& other) gardening photos included the names of the plants being seen in the photos. Pretty pictures are nice but more plant names would be more beneficial. Since this IS a magazine for gardeners, I think many of us would appreciate this information.
    Thank you!

  3. MizScarlet 01/03/2012

    I agree with artmakertoo. It would be nice to have some of the plants identified especially if they are not common varieties. Ex: Yesterday's picture showed a giant hosta in addition to many smaller ones. It didn't look like an Empress Woo hosta. Would someone please identify it for all of us? Today's pictures of bamboo and ornamental grasses is beautiful in its simplicity. I look forward to seeing the GPOD every day. Thanks, Michelle.

  4. rion 01/03/2012

    I also have a wall of bamboo but wondered what to do under it. Could someone tell me the name of the plants under it? Happy New Year...

  5. Mangobiscuit 01/03/2012

    I would love to grow a bamboo wall but I haven't been able to find a supplier for the plants. Can anyone tell me where I could order them? I live in Missouri--zone 6, I think, and I have seen bamboo growing here, but my local nurseries don't stock it.

  6. MichelleGervais 01/03/2012

    Hi all,
    I'll try to include plant names whenever possible. In this case, there weren't any plant tags or nearby gardeners. My best guess is that this is a pennisetum of some sort, but I could be completely wrong! Anyone else think it looks familiar?

  7. MichelleGervais 01/03/2012

    Mangobiscuit, go to this website:
    In the box on the right, click on the pull-down menu for specialty and select bamboo. Then click GO to get a big list of nurseries that specialize in bamboo.

  8. tractor1 01/03/2012

    Just a reminder, be very cautious about planting bamboo, most types are extremely invasive. I don't suggest planting bamboo near property lines. For those who insist be certain to sink a very substantial barrier in the soil and deep enough to prevent the roots from spreading.

  9. DreamGardener 01/03/2012

    well, there's invasive, and there's Invasive. is the home page for the CT Invasive Plants Working Group (I expect each state has their version of this list), and it contains detailed definitions about what a plant needs to accomplish in order to make the Bad Guys list. One of the requirements - it has to produce lots of Seeds. While true Bamboo will Run like nobody's business, and create impenetrable masses, it Doesn't produce bunches of seed - unlike "Mexican Bamboo" aka "Japanese Knotweed" (Polygonum cuspidatum). Now, That's an invasive!
    And Yes, true bamboo is Quite rampant in spots where it's happy - I suggest not just Sinking a barrier Significantly deeper than the recommended planting depth, but also diligently watching for runners that will climb Over said barrier. Tho frankly, I've had good luck just Mowing the runners that show their sprouts in the lawn...

  10. davsav 01/04/2012

    I am heading south from MD to FL on a car trip for a couple of weeks. Any recommended gardens we could visit along the way?

  11. Kevlarster 01/09/2012

    Davsav, check out Danial B Stowe botanical garden near Charlotte NC. They have a lot of nice conifers and a pretty fountain walk. I'd check their website this time of year for availabilty...enjoy

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