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Les Quatre Vents – The view on the other side

Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small

Yesterday we promised you the view on the other side of that scary rope bridge. Here it is! (note: this is not the view from the bridge…you can see the bridge in the top of the first photo) A traditional Japanese tea house partially surrounded by a serene pond.

Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small

**All last week and this week, we’ve been featuring photos of the gardens at Les Quatre Vents, the home of Frank and Anne Cabot in Quebec. If you’d like read more about this garden, check out this interview with Frank Cabot that ran in the April 2005 issue of Fine Gardening. Frank also wrote a book about the garden. You can get it on Amazon here.**

Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small
Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small
Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small


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  1. pattyspencer 09/08/2011

    That is so peaceful looking. Lush and serene.

  2. Vespasia 09/08/2011

    Absolutely gorgeous, words fail me. Thank you for the information about the interview and book. This garden is truly a labour of love, thank you again for sharing it with us.

  3. smdntv 09/08/2011

    A neighbor is creating a Japanese garden in his yard and I'm fascinated by the planning involved. Now I see the amazing results that he's working on! These pictures take me away...

  4. user-7006895 09/08/2011

    I am dying to put in a serene Japanese tea house and garden but after all the flooding we've had my husband thinks I'm crazy. This is just so lovely, so calming, such an inspiration!

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