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Les Quatre Vents – Botanical music

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Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small

This little band of musical frogs is hidden in a series of tall arborvitae hedges. It’s not easy to find, but when you do, your motion triggers a Dixieland jazz performance!

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Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small

**All last week and this week, we’ve been featuring photos of the gardens at Les Quatre Vents, the home of Frank and Anne Cabot in Quebec. If you’d like read more about this garden, check out this interview with Frank Cabot that ran in the April 2005 issue of Fine Gardening. Frank also whote a book about the garden. You can get it on Amazon here.**


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  1. gottagarden 09/05/2011

    OK - You've convinced me! One day I must make a journey to see these amazing gardens!

  2. Deanneart 09/05/2011

    I absolutely love garden surprises like this!

  3. rwotzak 09/06/2011

    Fun! Something about this reminds me of The Triplets of Belleville.

  4. laslo 08/06/2023

    Oh yeah! This is exactly our musical band at the very beginning of the journey. Now we are quite successful on Soundcloud and all thanks to the help of Promosoundgroup. These guys helped us promote our music and songs in just a couple of months and now we just enjoy life, perform at corporate parties and already have a good army of real fans.

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