How to Divide and Transplant an Agave

Dividing an agave is simple: just wiggle the pups until they separate from the mother plant, making sure to include some roots. In this video, Jeff Moore of Solana Succulents in Solana Beach, California, demonstrates how to divide and transplant an agave. He also covers the basics of watering and drainage.

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  1. user-7007177 09/01/2014

    Very helpful. My mother agave looks as though it has two separate "towers" should they be separated? Not sure you can see it but it looks like their is a whole new plant atop the original, if that makes sense. I had a picture ,hope you can see it.

  2. user-7007180 09/03/2014

    what's the procedure if it's not in a pot and in the ground instead?

  3. lisapatson 10/30/2015

    The reader below asked the same question I'm going to ask…what's the procedure if it's in the ground? How do you easily separate the pups?

  4. user-7007892 11/08/2015

    My pups puzzle me - they look nothing like their mother. Any ideas?
    Also if anyone can name the mother I'd appreciate it. Many Thanks Robert

    1. raissacoelho 03/12/2017

      I have the same!! they are so cute

  5. joannapaxinos 11/10/2015

    Yes interested in procedure for ground!!

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