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Happy Holidays 2011 from Garden Photo of the Day!

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Shauna McWilliams

Today’s photos are from Shauna McWilliams in Radnor, Pennsylvania. She recently visited the conservatory at Longwood Gardens and had to share this spectacular gingerbread man tree. For eveyone who celebrates it, have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. ncgardener 12/23/2011

    Yummy, who's got the glass of milk?

  2. tractor1 12/23/2011

    Oh boy, my AIM image is a Gingerbread Boy... am I going to have fun with all those Gingerbread Girls!

  3. sheilaschultz 12/23/2011

    Happy Holidays, fellow gardeners!

  4. paiya 12/23/2011

    thank you, and all the contributors, so much for your Garden Photo of the Day. It starts my day off in such a lovely way, and sets my spirits soaring.

    Happy New Year to you, Michelle, and all the readers.

  5. gottagarden 12/24/2011

    how original!

  6. Happily_Gardening 12/25/2011

    HO-HO-HO...Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. pattyspencer 12/25/2011

    A gingerbread tree - how cute it that?!! And no one nibbled off any arms or legs????? I'm impressed! Would have had a lot of casualties in my house - lol Merry Christmas everyone!

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