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By: Kim Charles

Tom Fisher creatively showcases key plants from his small suburban garden in Lancaster, NY.

"It seems even the best planned gardens are full of surprises and the ever evolving nature of the garden means that you can always count on something different each year, season and if you're looking closely, even every day. I love how we enjoy the full changing of the seasons here in Western New York, although it seems,at times our spring and summer season is never as long as a gardener like me would like it to.

Still I love the anticipation of spring and I especially enjoy it when the garden surprises me. Each spring I'm amazed at the resiliancy of nature rebounding from winter. I'm thrilled by  the colorful celbration the tulip bulbs bring and I enjoy the surprises that each day brings. Just the other day when as I noticed the last bunch of tulips were coming to an end, I was surprised to find Iris coming in to take their place. I had completely forgotten even planting them, but turns out to have been a genius thing or perhaps they came together as a package, I can't remember but bet on the latter. Either way it was a beautiful surprise."

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/13/2017

    I really enjoyed reading your commentary, Tom and it certainly looks like you have had a beautiful spring. Do you plant new tulips each year or are your selections somewhat reliably perennial?...if you can protect them from being winter sustenance for the squirrels. What is the plant in the second picture down? I was thinking it might be an agapanthus but, then again, I thought they needed a warmer growing zone. Like you, I am a huge fan of the unexpected delights that serendipity can bring to my gardening efforts. Sometimes my prettiest and most pleasing combinations are kind of accidental.

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/13/2017

      Good morning, Michaele. Having the heat we're having up north? Ugh!
      That pale blue flower looks like a Spanish Bluebell; Hyacinthoides hispanica or something similar. Stay cool!

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 06/13/2017

        Hi, Tim. We are being spared the early arrival of brutal heat... so far... fingers crossed. Your suggestion of Spanish Bluebell makes much more sense than my puzzling of how it could be an agapanthus growing as a perennial up in NY. You and Kevin are plucky intrepid gardeners to still be thinking about planting new things. By the time June rolls around, I usually have the will power to resist the siren call of something that needs a hole dug.

        1. user-7007498 06/13/2017

          Hi, Michaele. Glad your not getting the heat. 3rd day of 95 degrees, then a drop into the 80's. I am hoping for a thunderstorm to take the pressure off watering the new plantings. I am having to get up 45 minutes early before work to water.

          Despite that, this blog fuels my garden addiction. I don't mind adding new plants throughout the summer, when someone posts something really cool.

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 06/13/2017

            We have tip toed above 90 degrees today but just barely. I do admit that 95 sounds darned hot. Glad that you have a drop into the 80's coming your way.

        2. User avater
          Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/13/2017

          Glad you're not unseasonably hot. I definitely wouldn't plant anything really valuable this time of year, but I've been slow to get a few annuals out. A few on-sale Salvia annuals for the hummingbirds won't mind the heat as long as I water a touch! :)

      2. User avater
        LindaonWhidbey 06/13/2017

        Enjoy your heat out there. We have a high of 58 and cloudy today.

        1. User avater
          Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/13/2017

          Is that usual for you, Linda? I'm not sure I'd appreciate 58, but my garden would! :)

    2. user-6536305 06/13/2017

      I totally agree with Michaele that I too enjoyed reading your commentary Tom. The white iris and tulip combination is ingenious and I am going to copy it.

    3. user-7008303 06/14/2017

      My tulips keep coming back and I add to them each fall. I've been fortunate that the squirrelsame haven't bothered them although I do find an occasional bulb dug up here or there. I'm also lucky the deer don't eat them either. My neighbor across the street came over just the other day to ask what I use to keep the deer away as hers get eaten every year. I don't use a thing. Hers must just look more tasty, lucky for me!

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/13/2017

    Arty and so colorful. The white dutch iris coming in as the white tulips going out really is inspired, coincidental or not!

  3. Sunshine111 06/13/2017

    I am loving all of it

  4. annek 06/13/2017

    Beautiful artistic photos of a lovely garden. The eternal surprise of mother nature's planning is always a marvel.

  5. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 06/13/2017

    Good morning, Tom. Your photos are beautiful and I think you're a genius for planting the white iris with the white tulips:) White flowers in the garden are always an eye catcher. You've managed to pack a lot of pretty into a small garden. Thanks for sharing.

  6. hontell 06/13/2017

    love the white iris

  7. NCYarden 06/13/2017

    This is a nice peek into your garden, Tom. I like your take on the ever-changing garden surprises...and that is why we stroll each day through our work. The Spanish Bluebells are always a delight. Thank you for sharing.

  8. user-6536305 06/13/2017

    Nice photos and great color. Very tasteful plant combinations. Love your garden and plants. Thanks for sharing!

  9. estertoribio 06/13/2017

    What is the name of the plant in the second picture with succulent leaves and tiny bell shape pale lilac flowers?

      1. estertoribio 06/14/2017


    1. user-7008303 06/14/2017

      Debby is correct. Spanish bluebells! :)

      1. estertoribio 06/14/2017


  10. user-7007498 06/13/2017

    Great photos, Tom. Great to see all the spring bulbs. Hopefully you have many other surprises as the season progresses. Thanks for sharing your piece of Paradise with us.

  11. Meelianthus 06/13/2017

    Beautiful photos Tom and a lovely collection of Spring bounty.

  12. gardencook 06/13/2017

    Absolutely beautiful photos!!! You have a flare for photography!! I enjoy Spring season most of all because after the harsh winter, it is great to see pops of colour everywhere!!! I hope to see more flowers in bloom as the season progresses, perhaps?

    1. user-7008303 06/14/2017

      Thank you Sandi. Right now I feel like I'm just waiting for the gardens second act. The spring flowers have faded, the dianthus are still the highlights for color as the roses are just starting to bloom and the daylilly are budding. The garden is mostly green right now but there is beauty in green as well.

  13. user-7007688 06/13/2017

    Have you ever had any of your photographs published. You have a beautiful garden and a beautiful talent.

    1. user-7008303 06/14/2017

      I have only had my pictures published here on fine gardening picture of the day. Do you have any suggestions?

  14. user-4691082 06/13/2017

    I agree with Steven...unreal! I'm still mesmerized by the next to last photo. The white tulips and iris really pop- great job!

  15. cheryl_c 06/13/2017

    Stunning photography ! My favorite is the dark red with yellow tulips alongside the newly emerging rose foliage - wonderful color combination!

    1. user-7008303 06/14/2017

      Thanks, that was one of my favorites from this group as well!

  16. user-7007125 06/13/2017

    So agree that new things pop up that I never planted in the garden. Be it the birds or the wind, thankful I know most plants from weeds. Lovely pictures!

  17. cynthiamccain 06/13/2017

    I don't know which is more incredible--your garden (love those tulips!) or your photographs! Thank you for sharing, Tom.

  18. foxglove12 06/13/2017

    Love the white tulip/iris mix. Will use that next year! All beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  19. tennisluv 06/14/2017

    Day late commenting on your postings, but Discus was being ornery yesterday and would not load. Lovely pictures and lovely plantings. White iris/white tulip combo; yellow & red tulips w/rose bush; pink, red & yellow tulip combo are all gorgeous. The light streaming across the tulip bed. All wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  20. user-5117752 06/25/2017

    Ahhhhh! The artist at work, both in the garden and behind the lens! You helped Mother Nature to be her best. Love to see your summer artistry!

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