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Garden Beauty in Utah

By Kim Charles

Brooke Hamilton from Utah, showcases here property by use of an artful filter–the end result adds a interesting vintage moodiness to her garden.

"I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Zone 5b. I love to garden and am very luck to have found a yard that had mature trees. Shade is crucial in our hot summers. It is very hot and dry. It makes gardening a real challenge, which is that much more rewarding! Enjoy!"

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 07/18/2017

    Hello there Brooke - Congratulations on creating such a very interesting and thoroughly charming garden, despite the challenging climatic conditions. It is a real credit to you and your helper(s) (?). I especially like the bridge, stone work, arbours, and arch construction. What is the size of your yard? I'm also intrigued by the black cylinder with chimney like structures near the house (some sort of cooker/BBQ?). Cheers from Oz

  2. wittyone 07/18/2017

    You've made a lovely garden here and it looks like you have lots of different things going on but with space to spare. What will you grow on the arbor alongside the house? It looks like there might be grapevines climbing up one of the sections adjacent to the curved overhead pieces. I especially like the circular tiered area surrounding the pond? Those smooth rocks make such a nice demarcation. There are so many intriguing possibilities that I'd love to see more pictures so as to be able to figure out exactly what all you have in play.

  3. User avater
    cindijacobs 07/18/2017

    Looks great. Love the way you use the hardscape and materials. The stones and bridge area are my favorite from the pictures. Feels nice and cool. I can tell you take a lot of time on your gardens and it shows. Beautiful!!!

  4. tennisluv 07/18/2017

    What an interesting and unique garden. You definitely have many different areas with lots going on. Looks like you are getting ready to make your own wine or create a large covered area of relaxing in the shade. I going for wine, with the roses growing at the base of the black trellises. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers. You must love gardening. Thanks for sharing.

  5. User avater
    gringopeligroso 07/18/2017

    Ms. Hamilton!!
    Been through Utah a couple of times on the highway...Magical Place, and you're fortunate to be able to call it home!! (Insert Pang of jealousy: here!)
    And, yes: Mature trees in that arid place (I assume you're not in the High Mountains?) makes ALL the difference!! I"m planting and building shade here as fast as I can!
    As stated below, you've a LOT going on!! I see many projects and interests in the backgrounds. Your place reminds me of one of my fave television shows from the past century: "Good Neighbours" starring Felicity Kendal. It was a BBC production and came across the Pond and was aired by PBS, back in the day. ALWAYS something going on and ALWAYS something which needed doing in that TVLand yard!! Thanx for sharing!!
    OH: And, PS: I believe I'm going to "borrow" y'all's trellis design, if'n that's ok? I LOVE morning glories and need some support for them to thrive and feed our hummers!!

  6. user-4691082 07/18/2017

    Hi Brooke, did you do that construction by yourselves?

  7. user-4691082 07/18/2017

    Whoops! I wasn't finished! Your garden has so many things to look at, I'll be going through the photos more than once. I especially love the bridge. With a stream, do you have a problem with snakes?

  8. User avater
    treasuresmom 07/18/2017

    Love that little bridge & the stones

  9. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 07/18/2017

    Good morning Brooke. What a varied garden you've created. Do you have a few acres there or have you just artfully made it look like a big space? Love your big urn near the house and I'm most curious about the trellis structure. I can see the roses near the bottom but what do you have on the top part? I'm envious of your nice green grass as ours is brown and crunchy having had no measurable rain since early June. Thanks for sharing.

  10. user-7008735 07/18/2017

    Pleasant Grove is a great name for your home and garden, Brooke!

  11. grannieannie1 07/18/2017

    Rooms and more rooms! Destinations and various roads to get there and different activities to be done upon arrival! I really like your approach to gardening, Brooke.

  12. user-6536305 07/18/2017

    Great growing in such hush climate. Everything is so lush and lawn is so green. Love you settings and structure, hardscaping and path. Thanks for sharing.

  13. MNGardenGirl 07/18/2017

    So many cute spaces - I love it! One of those gardens I would like to take a stroll through. Thanks for sharing.

  14. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/18/2017

    Loos like you an ample supply of manmade hardscape projects and nature given tall trees to make your gardening situation very appealing, Brooke. I nodded with admiration at your charming curved stairway in the first picture and then my eyes drifted over to the greenhouse and I thought, "lucky you!" Is your bridge over a constantly running stream or a dry stream bed that is filled with water only on occasion?

  15. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/18/2017

    I would not expect a garden like this in Utah at all: hostas and other shady plants. I love what looks like a circular, stone-line ampitheater leading down to what looks like a stream bed.

  16. LaurelEm 07/18/2017

    Very, Very nice and so interesting. Every time I look at a picture again, I see more.

  17. sheila_schultz 07/18/2017

    You've conquered several gardening challenges with flying colors Brooke, gotta love mature trees in a sun drenched, summer climate. I'd give you an A for creating charming garden rooms with cool hardscape... love the trellis design!

  18. VikkiVA 07/18/2017

    You have such a unique garden. Love all the hardscape and the neat rooms you have created. Is that a blue blooming hydrangea I see under your patio cover in the fifth picture? Looks like there may be one across from it also. Very pretty garden. Vikki in VA

  19. Maggieat11 07/19/2017

    Gorgeous! Looks like you have mastered your hot, dry climate! Wish I could visit; there is so much to see and enjoy!

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