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Diane’s Favorite Spring Blooms

Diane LaSauce shares some of her favorite spring blooms from Zone 6 in central Virginia. 

"I strive for heirloom and edible varieties in my half-acre gardens. Sedum Stonecrop, Tete a tete daffs (part of my collection of over 2500 heirloom varieties), Oriental poppy Snowflake viburnum Clematis (old, no name), Chives Viola (not only pretty, but edible!), Hellebore foetidus Heirloom peonies (from my home place on Long Island, doing well in VA), Rescued Iris (heavenly scents and they bloom for three weeks) Concord grape, Ichi Ke Jiro dwarf persimmon flower."

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/16/2015

    Such gorgeous photos, Diane! Maybe this post is for tomorrow? I only received a second email notice for Pauline's garden this morning, but a friend pointed our your images to me. That persimmon flower is very cool: I've never seen one. Your sedum (Angelina?) is resplendent in its winter oranges. I'm stumped on that first gorgeous image. What is it? I'd love to see more of your heirloom daffodil collection, as well. Maybe not 2500 photos.......but sounds so interesting!

    1. GrannyMay 12/22/2015

      Thanks for the link, Tim. My first thought on the first photo is grapevine, though the front leaf is not lobed.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/22/2015

        Good thought, May. Looking closely now, I see the newer left to the left does have three points and looks like an average grape leaf. Such a fresh, spring photo!

        1. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

          You two are such garden sleuths! Yes the best part of this vine was this spring image of the dew seductively clinging to the leaves! Too bad these leaves became so ugly, I edited this vine out. Autumn clematis is home there now...much to my enjoyment. Gardening on merely a 1/2 acre forces one's hand when plant material fails to dazzle.

      2. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

        Concord grape GrannyMay! ;-)

    2. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

      Tim, Hurrah for your friend!

      That persimmon was an Ichi Ke Jiro, that grew here for six years. It survived a Derecho and provided interesting fodder for the camera, yet failed to hold on to its fruit, so this year it was edited out. The fruit was excellent, yet I spent more time raking out cadavers than harvesting, so it was replaced by foxtail lilies this fall.

      The sedum is Angelina stonecrop and the first image is of a concord grape vine, which was also edited out. A fragrant autumn clematis finally found a home in its place, with much more delightful habit.

      See more of my daff collection on my blog post
      Would love to have you comment on the blog too. Cheers!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/18/2015

    Hi, Diane, I'm so glad that Tim clued me in on the fact that your pictures were hiding out in plain sight. Your photos are wonderful, as always. Those iris are luscious and make me anxious for spring countdown time. And what a happy and perfect face that little viola has...I just love looking at it.

    1. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

      Meander, so glad you found those photos. Not sure why they were hidden on FB. I love hearing from all of you, as gardening and photography is so much more fun with feedback from kindred souls.
      Since those iris are rescued, I will probably never know their names, yet their scent is beyond words and this year, they bloomed continuously for the entire month of May!
      Those wee violas are darlings that I am convinced party at night, as the first seed was planted in the back garden 15 years ago, and now I find them everywhere throughout my little 1/2 acre. Ahhh, life of a gardener! Cheers!

  3. GrannyMay 12/22/2015

    Lovely photos Diane! I'm glad to hear that you are preserving heirloom varieties. Newer is not always better!

    1. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

      GrannyMay, yes, heirlooms are my absolute favorite hobby. After struggling with various veggie crops, this year I made the decision to convert all my raised beds into heirloom daffodil beds! One 30' long trench holds over 2000 bulbs, and this year I had the pleasure of choosing 200 later blooming heirloom, fragrant varieties.
      I confess, I am a daffodil rustler, and have saved many varieties from abandoned landscapes and soon to be developed lands.
      The Iris in these photos are other rescued plants. The peonies came from my home place on LI, and do well here in central VA.
      Happy Holidays!

      1. GrannyMay 12/23/2015

        Diane I would love to see some photos of those raised beds when the daffodils are in bloom. It must be amazing! Happy rustling!!

        1. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

          If this warm weather continues, blooms may be sooner than we expect...See earlier photos of my early spring blooms at my blog post:

  4. Meelianthus 12/22/2015

    Tim was right Diane, I didn't see these photos. They are really beautiful. Wonderful color in your arrangements and the sedum in the pot is so charming. Thanks

    1. diane_lasauce 12/23/2015

      So glad you found these images! Not sure why they were posted to FB.
      As part of my garden passion, I raise heirloom peonies and sold 600 stems at our local farmer's market this past spring. A true labor of love, yet I find that the fragrant heirloom varieties evoke such happy memories with customers. Hearing the stories and seeing the delighted faces of both adults and children as they inhale the divine fragrances, makes my labor worth the effort.
      Sharing is the best part of gardening, yes?

      1. Meelianthus 12/23/2015

        Yes it is Diane and I am so glad you shared the beauty. Merry Christmas to you ^_^

  5. User avater
    HelloFromMD 12/26/2015

    Happy New Year Diane, finally get to see your photos. Tim mentioned it but I didn't see them. I am so intrigued by your daffodil collection! I love daffodils and grow about 40 kinds, a drop in the bucket. Please post your daffodils this spring! I think the Sedum looks marvelous in the container. Wouldn't have thought to do that. Love that orange poppy. Your photos are so crisp. That clematis is beautiful. It reminds me of Pink Fantasy, but it is an older variety?

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