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Cottage Style Dreams in Buenos Aires

By Kim Charles


Cottage garden highlights from Buenos Aires.

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"My dear friends: I am Ezequiel Barakat from Buenos Aires, El Trebol Ezeiza, Argentine. My hobby and therapy is gardening!

I am taking a course of gardening and putting into practise what I read and learn in my weekend house.

I love your review and notes; very useful and interesting.

My project is an English mixed border. MY DREAM: to have a cozy evergreen cottage garden

Here are my pics…all in progress. All the best from springtime!"


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  1. frankgreenhalgh 11/18/2016

    Hello there Ezequiel - Wonderful to see your post from Buenos Aires today. I think you are very humble about your gardening skills. Your garden is absolutely spectacular. Love it, especially the hedge, and also your great gate and house. Please keep posting updates of your gardening journey. Cheers from Australia

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Hi Frank, so thankful for you nice words! Yes, I will keep on sending pics as it a work in progress. Every day I learn new things from mother nature. Best regards from Argentina!

  2. foxglove12 11/18/2016

    What a treat from the Southern Hemisphere! Love your beautiful garden. I can almost smell the lavender, roses and jasmine. So calming. Gorgeous!

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Thanks a lot Lori!!

  3. user-4691082 11/18/2016

    Good morning Ezequiel, You are making all of your Northern Hemisphere friends jealous with your mention of spring! What Zone are you gardening in? I tried to bring some jasmine home from Florida, but our houses are just not humid enough to sustain them over the winter. What is the red bud starting to open? It looks like a tulip or rose but the leaves are throwing me off! I am off to a course at Longwood Gardens this morning. Happy Friday to all!

    1. user-7007498 11/18/2016

      I wish I was closer to take a Longwood course. What are you attending, Rhonda?

      1. user-4691082 11/19/2016

        It's a fun course to make a Thanksgiving arrangement. You get a beautiful earthen container to make it in with a ton of roses, fruit, greens, vegetables, kale, carnations, eryngium, etc. A floral designer then encourages you and guides you in making your own creation. They all are magnificent. Lots of fun. We learned about spraying our arrangement with something called crowning glory to help it last. They also taught you how to make a chicken wire holder instead of using oasis, to make it more environmentally friendly. Lots of fun. I'll be doing a similar one for Christmas on 12/16.

    2. User avater
      meander_michaele 11/18/2016

      I thought the leaves of the red budded plant looked like a camellia but, ha, I wouldn't bet my money on it...just a guess.

    3. frankgreenhalgh 11/18/2016

      Hello Rhonda - I just remembered that I have this map of representative climatic areas on the mainland of Oz (i.e. doesn't have the island of Tasmania on it). We don't have your climatic zones, but our garden in SE Australia is in a climate similar to that in Buenos Aires Province. We are situated at the very south western part of the area (purple) representing Buenos Aires Province. Rainfall is 30 inches p.a. (even throughout the year); we have few frosts in late autumn and during winter, but no snow; temperatures are hot during summer (occasionally up to 45C/113F) etc. Cheers from Oz

      1. katiemetz 11/18/2016

        Interesting map, Frank! As I mentioned above, I live in Buenos Aires province (on the coast, to be exact). I imagine we have a lot of the same plants in our gardens. I hope you're enjoying the spring. Greetings from Argentina!

        1. frankgreenhalgh 11/18/2016

          Hi Katie - We too live on the coast - in the eastern part of the State of Victoria. We are at the bottom tip of the area marked Buenos Aires Province, and hence, it is probably a little less humid than what you guys experience. Spring has been cooler than normal, but we will be hit with a 37C/98F degree day on Monday.

          We may have some similar flora since I think Argentina like Aussie land was part of Gondwana land many moons ago. Let's keep in touch. Cheers from Oz

          1. katiemetz 11/18/2016

            Our spring has been mostly pleasant but on the dry side, with a couple of crazy storms thrown in for good measure. Today is perfect: sunny with a high of 70º F/21º C.

          2. mianmubasharhussain 04/30/2017

            Very good .weather

          3. user-4691082 11/19/2016

            Thanks for that map Frank! I am very geographically challenged. I never seem to understand where things are in relation to each other!

          4. frankgreenhalgh 11/19/2016

            Hey Rhonda - The map was obviously right up your alley! (Not). I reckon there is a tinge of Aussie humour in you based on some of your final comments to GPODers. Looks like you had at your course. Cheers, Frank

          5. user-4691082 11/19/2016

            Tee here, Frank. I have fun every day!!!!!

          6. frankgreenhalgh 11/19/2016

            Hi Rhonda - are you sure that there aren't any Aussies in your family tree? Nudge nudge, wink wink - say no more, say no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. User avater
        meander_michaele 11/18/2016

        That map is a hoot and very descriptive in such a unique way.

        1. frankgreenhalgh 11/18/2016

          Thanks Michaele - glad you liked it! Cheers, Frank

    4. katiemetz 11/18/2016

      Hi, Rhonda. I live about 300 miles south of Buenos Aires, on the Atlantic coast. The zone here is roughly equivalent to 9b (similar to the PNW or the Bay Area). We have plenty of humidity here. ;) I saw you were headed to Longwood Gardens today. I'm originally from the Philly area, and I love visiting Longwood whenever I'm in town. Greetings from Argentina!

      1. user-4691082 11/19/2016

        Hi Katie! Argentina sounds so cool! What took you there? Work, I imagine. Unless you are like Grace Kelly, and married a royal! If so, keep calm and reign on!

      2. mianmubasharhussain 04/30/2017

        I love Argentina

    5. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Hi Rhonda! thanks for you comments. yes it indeed a rose, called Europeana, it is not so tall but floribund, the colour is amazing. Enjoy your course!!!
      Have a great weekend!


  4. NCYarden 11/18/2016

    Good morning, Ezequiel. What a treat to get a travel day to an inverse season. Your endeavor is paying off, and your skills, along with your tools, already seem sharpened. Your garden is delightful. Glad you are enjoying the process. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Thenks a lot for you nice words!

  5. user-7007498 11/18/2016

    Hello, Ezequiel. It looks like you have been a good student in your class, and are well on your way to a beautiful garden. You have a great backdrop with that dark tall hedge, and I love the large golden shrub in front of it (can't make out what it is). There seems to be a nice mixture of shapes. Adding a few plants with bold textures, or large leaves, would really help the border to "pop". Great job. I love to see gardens from different parts of the world. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Hello Kevin! !thanks for you comments and advise about bold textures plants. Yes, indeed, it is all in progress and I am now incorpoarting new plants, trying to keep the altitudes and composition. The large golden shrub is a nerium oleander may be with some falling yellow leaves that are falling now, It now blossoming in pink flowers. Greetings from Argentina!

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/18/2016

    Hi there, Ezequiel, thanks for treating us to some views of your lovely garden. My eyes were drawn to that very handsome large container in picture #2...what do have planted in it? It also made me wonder about the temperature range throughout the year in Buenos Aires since that container looks like it would be hard to move indoors for winter. A little internet reading seems to indicate that your area does not get below freezing that right?

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Hi! yes, indeed, they are permanent container, i try to keep the plants protected from winter time - they are pelargoniums of different classes- they lose some leaves in winter.... but reblossom in September. In general we have very few below 0 or frost temperatures, so with care, on can keep plant alive throghout winter time. Temparatures are arounf now 16-25 C Degrees. It is quite a mild weather here.

  7. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/18/2016

    Oh, my, is that a bench in the last pic? If so, I imagine it is a great place to sit with coffee and enjoy all the flowers around you.

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      thanks! yes, it is. it a place for resting and reading:). a small wooden bench.

  8. anitaberlanga 11/18/2016

    Ezequiel, your garden is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing a bit of Spring as we in the North prepare for Winter!

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Thanks Anita!, yes we are in the opposite hemispheres. We had a very harsh winter so we are enjoying springtime fully.

  9. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/18/2016

    What beautiful garden and setting. You are well on your way to your goal!

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      I hope so, Tim! Thanks a lot

  10. Cenepk10 11/18/2016

    Well...Looking like you're going to get the soon. Fabulous!!!!!

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Thanks a lot!

  11. katiemetz 11/18/2016

    Ezequiel, qué belleza de jardín! Se nota tu dedicación y pasión por las plantas. A mí también me fascina el estilo inglés. Desgraciadamente, no tengo un parque tan grande como el tuyo ni la cantidad de árboles que tenés...qué lujo! Saludos desde Necochea!

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Hola Katie! muchas gracias por tus lindos comentarios. ! Le estoy poniendo mucha garra jaja..el estilo inglès es mi favorito, la libertad y movimientos y la mezcla de plantas son fascinantes.

      Asì que estàs en Necochea??
      Còmo lidiàs con el clima marìtimo??

      Te dejo mi correo asì nos hacemos penpal:)) mandame un correo a [email protected]
      asì me comentas de tus plantas. Te mando un abrazo desde Baires.

  12. thevioletfern 11/18/2016

    Beautiful! That must be some kinda learning. I'd say you're soaking it all in and will surpass your teacher in no time.

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      thank you Kathy!

  13. sheila_schultz 11/18/2016

    It's so much fun to hear from a talented gardener from one of my very favorite cities in the world! I love Buenos Aires! Thank you, Ezquiel, for sending photos of your lovely gardens to GPOD. You are obviously a serious student, your gardens show you have learned your lessons well! Keep having fun playing with your plants!

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Thanks Sheila for your encaouranging comments! Gardening is becoming quite a passion for me now. Hasta pronto! Ezequiel

  14. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 11/18/2016

    Good morning, Ezequiel. It's always fun to see what gardeners are growing in other parts of the world and it would appear that you are a good student in your gardening classes. I love the setting for your garden, too, with the hedges surrounding it, giving it that "secret garden" feel.Thanks for sharing.

    1. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

      Hi Linda! Thanks for your nice comments. Oh, a "secret garden " feel is what I want to create, specially for automnn times. Now here everything is blossoming:) Best regards from Argentina!

  15. schatzi 11/18/2016

    Absolutely beautiful! Looks like you have been very busy and with great success. That gorgeous jasmine has me swooning! Enjoy the process and keep on gardening.

  16. ezequielbarakat 11/18/2016

    Yes Diane is a juniper. Thanks for your kind words and here I send you a pic of my hibiscus pink...all in flowers!! Best regards.

  17. LeeGun 11/18/2016

    A stunning accomplishment! I have zone envy. Is the tall tree a wissel's saguaro false cypress? Your roses are gorgeous!

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