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English rose "Lilac rose" deeply cupped and heavy with blooms with a demure scent.

With the strange weather many northern states are experiencing, it was so nice of Liz Cordova to share a slice of southern California with us.

"Spring & Winter rains brought the (zone 9b-10a) garden to life and is bursting with blousy blooms, buds, life and song!"

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"Lilac Rose" and antique rose Marie Pavé nearly thornless.

The Spring-y cheerful nectarine colored,  grapefruity scent of a bloom of "Abraham Darby".

During a rainy day in Southern CA last week. Persimmons tree freshly leafed out in back.

Japanese maples all leafed out now, foreground reddish purple foliage of "Purple Ghost" against the chartreuse of the finely dissected "Seiryu".

Purple Ghost Japanese maple

Mama hummingbird made a magnificent masterpiece in 4 days. Spun with spider webs and pink fluff, camouflaged with "paint" chips, she laid 1st egg on Easter Sunday 3/27/16, then 2nd one on 3/30/16.

Under the eaves, in a precarious spot on the S-hook holding the hummingbird swing. A few feet away from the  flowering abutilon,"Coral Earrings" & the sugar water feeder.

Western bluebirds enjoying the garden too!

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  1. user-7007498 04/05/2016

    Liz: thanks so much for sharing and giving me a boost. Things were moving along in PA but we are entering a 2week cold spell with nights in the upper 20's. Your beautiful garden perked me up. Love the photos of the hummingbirds and nest, as well as the bluebirds. You roses are soectacular. The photo of 'Purple Ghost' is awesome.

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Thanks! That Purple Ghost was a beautiful surprise gift last Spring. It survived the wicked dessicating Santa Ana winds! A dear bud left it out my front door and just texted me, to check the front door. I'm glad the garden can bless and inspire people out there.

  2. VikkiVA 04/05/2016

    Beautiful Liz! Wow Blue Birds...I rarely see them here in SE VA. Vikki in VA

    1. liz_cordova 04/07/2016

      The Western bluebirds had 2 broods last year (5 eggs then 6) in the rest box out front. I can see them from my kitchen window. The blue eggs were so inspiring?
      They are so gentle and social. The psi come swooping down from the trees when I call,"Hi bluebirds!" with mealworm treats in tote or they see the kitchen door swing open. Conditioned!

      1. VikkiVA 04/07/2016

        Sounds devine! Vikki in VA

  3. user-4691082 04/05/2016

    Liz, we are emamoured with your roses, not so much for the beautiful blooms, but the pristine foliage! Your climate is perfect for jealous!!!!!

  4. diane_lasauce 04/05/2016

    Simply delightful photos Liz. Thanks for sharing, as Virginia is having a dreadful spring. 84 one day, 28 the next, creating havoc for gardeners, crops, birds, and fruit trees.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/05/2016

    My, my, Liz, I could get lost in the sumptuous maze of those rose petals...such a beautiful closeup. And, mama hummingbird decided she didn't want to have to travel far for a convenient breakfast, lunch and dinner as she raised her family. Your bluebird pair are adorable..the male certainly sports a vibrant blue. I'm so glad that your area has been blessed with seasonal rains and things are so rejuvenated.

  6. Quiltingmamma 04/05/2016

    Sigh. I love 'blousy blooms'. That Abraham Darby is gorgeeeeous. All the photos are uplifting, and as a birder, I appreciate the flighty additions. I am back into down coats, but at least the bulk of the snow is gone and the river ice is breaking up....there is hope!

  7. NCYarden 04/05/2016

    Wonderful sights of your garden. Love those Japanese maples. Amazing fortune to have the hummingbird make its home so near and visible. That has to be fun to watch. Enjoy your Spring, as it gives way back into winter here.

  8. greengenes 04/05/2016

    Liz, i am so happy that you are getting rain down there in California! Your pictures are so beautiful and you can feel the moist air in them! That is so fun to see the birds isnt it!
    So that is what a persimon tree looks like! Beautiful! I just planted one this year but i think it is semi dwarf. And the that is a beautiful rose! Thanks for sharing! Hope your seasons ahead are filled with lots of what you need!

  9. User avater
    HelloFromMD 04/05/2016

    Hi Liz, thanks for sharing so much glorious color with us. Roses are breathtaking. So cool you get to be so close with your birds. I do have a pair of hummingbirds that return here in MD, but have no idea where they build their nest. I plant a lot of perennials for them to dine upon.

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Aren't hummers so special bundle of lightweight energy? So acrobatic!That momma in the nest is an Allen's hummingbird smaller than the Anna's.
      I hope I get to see the eggs hatch. In 2013
      I saw an Anna's fly to a precariously built nest, in the dangling fork of a small branch of my orange tree right outside my dining room window. She had 2 eggs(step ladders work well!), but never got to see them hatch. Those nest marauders! Sparrows maybe ...

  10. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/05/2016

    Like everyone experiencing temps below freezing this morning, I am certainly enjoying the respite of your beautiful garden. Glad you are getting rain. Everything looks fresh and cheerful. That has to be the most unique humming bird nesting site I have ever seen or heard of. My guess is that it is so light weight that a good wind won't upset the nest? Here's hoping!

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Glad the garden can refresh and inspire
      Tim. That momma hummer, is right outside
      my French door and I talk to her gently when I come out so she won't get stressed.
      So awesome watching her spin the spider webs around the nest to reinforce it.(after I said your paint chips are falling off , the camouflage needs reinforcements. LOL
      You think she understood, she flew off and came back with fresh webs! Hilarious!)
      Oh,those succulent planters, my bud loved them. He asked for more, so I made a couple more!?

  11. wGardens 04/05/2016

    6 degrees here this morning; these photos are even MORE welcome,. Great pics and I just love the hummingbird~ how special to have it in such close proximity!!! Your gardens are beautiful and that is quite an impressive rose!

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Thanks! Aww...6°F is not fun (yep I remember my stint in Chicago). I'm glad the garden can inspire and warm you up even virtually. ?

  12. Sunshine111 04/05/2016

    Delightful! Thank you for sharing☀️

  13. GrannyMay 04/05/2016

    Gorgeous rose! I'm sure the roses and the Japanese maples are thriving in the rain, not knowing that they will have a long dry season ahead. Since momma hummingbird does all the work of raising the babies, she is smart to have the nest as close to food as possible. They are amazing to watch. Thank you.

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Thanks GrannyMay. The Japanese maples
      are protected in the patio and some under the pergola. We do have wicked dessicating SantaAna winds here. Just repotted them in shallow glazed black planters my daughter bought me. "Finally",They said,I guess they're happy!

  14. Cenepk10 04/05/2016

    Oh my Lord… How can I thank you for these pics ?…Let me count the ways…. Roses, Hummingbird procreation, the light that is so California- This post was especially therapeutic for me… ahhhh those sweet blue birds.. Abraham Darby….Lost mine last year…All that's left is the root stock. Some generic red rose. And some very good memories. Have never seen a hummingbird nest… Birds make such lovely homes for their young,,,, Thanks again !!!!!

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      I'm glad God uses my gifts to lift you up!
      The birds stay and love it here. I maintain it organic. Even the UNwelcomed mallards
      nest in back of the rose bushes. LOL.
      Thank you!

  15. sheila_schultz 04/05/2016

    You are surrounded by stunning beauty, Liz. The blooms, the colorful leaves, the sweet hummers and the magnificent bluebirds. Wow!

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      God knows how to show up doesn't he?!
      I can't be out there so he brings beauty to my garden. Oh it's so funny as I swing the kitchen side door open, before I can even call,"Hi bluebirds...!", they're above me on the roof ridge looking down watching me fill the mealworm bowl with fresh treats! Such gentle social birds. As opposed to the hooded orioles, they slurp sugar water and look side to side, "Is she watching?" and fly away so abruptly. ?

      1. sheila_schultz 04/05/2016

        I delight in the hummingbirds that buzz around me during the summer as I garden, but I can only dream about the beautiful bluebirds.

  16. janeeliz 04/05/2016

    Oh, HOW LOVELY!!! Each picture is a gem!.....How adorable is the tiny hummingbird on the amazing nest! The rose is perfection! Thanks so much for enriching this wintry spring day.

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Spring "will come", but meanwhile God sent you inspiring pics to warm and hug you.,,

  17. schatzi 04/05/2016

    Magnificent! Gorgeous! Hummers AND bluebirds - WOW!! Roses, bright blue sky - I always wanted to have sunglasses over my sunglasses when I visited sunny CA from gray Seattle!
    We just had several lovely sunny days, a light rain, and they are threatening 80 degrees on Thursday, then back to the 60s. Spring is nothing if not changeable. A truly beautiful garden, Liz. You and your wildlife friends are blessed. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

    1. liz_cordova 04/05/2016

      Thank you! I'm glad the garden can inspire and lift spirits up with the bright blue sky.
      I was taking a break on the garden bench in the patio,with my dorky dark sunglasses looked up and the underside of the Purple Ghost Japanese maple just was on fire against the azure skies, I clicked away! (With just my iPhone). Have many family in Seattle , when I visit, I behold the breathtaking beauty of the Japanese maples, azaleas, rhododendrons, and other acid loving plants, despite the gray skies! You guys don't need to water them! I'm always behind in the walking group taking pics of the glorious trees and shrubs!

      1. schatzi 04/06/2016

        No, in the winter we try to keep things from drowning! Our weather is changing - last summer was the hottest on record and I watered lots!
        Keep taking pictures - you are doing great.

  18. ijz 04/05/2016

    Such a nice post. Love your roses. Mine get gobbled up by the deer. The birds bring a smile. Incredible how the hummingbird managed to fashion her nest around the s-hook.

  19. views_opinion 04/05/2016

    Amazing Post. Full of Life, Beauty.

  20. janeeliz 04/05/2016

    I forgot to say how adorable the bluebirds are. I don't think I have ever seen them in the wild.

  21. user-7007940 04/06/2016

    Love the photos. Such beautiful roses!!

  22. cynthiamccain 04/07/2016

    Oh my, Liz--I love those roses and the rest of your beautiful garden! We've had some really cold temperatures here on the East Coast, and all my David Austins have had a good share of their new foliage damaged. It was like a breath of spring to see yours. And you must have good bird vibes, too! Thanks for sharing!

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